Hollywood Ripper Guilty of Killing Ashton Kutchers Date

it was a dramatic murder trial that even featured Hollywood a-lister Ashton Kutcher as a witness the man on trial was suspected of being the so-called Hollywood Ripper responsible for murdering a number of women now the verdict is in we the jury find the defendant Michael Garcia guilty of the crime of first-degree murder the Hollywood Ripper is guilty 43 year old Michael Gargiulo showed zero emotion when the guilty verdicts came in today in a trial that riveted Los Angeles Gargiulo killed 22 year old Ashley eller in in her Hollywood home in 2001 she had been preparing to go on a date that night with Ashton Kutcher who was a rising star at the time at the trial Kutcher testified that he knocked on his dates door and got no response when he peered in the window he says he saw liquid on the ground that he thought was Redwine it turned out to be a pool of blood the young lady had been stabbed 47 times Kutcher was not in court when the verdict was read Michael Gargiulo faces the death penalty when he is sentenced the law so stand trial in Illinois for the 1993 murder of an 18 year old family friend prosecutors say the Hollywood Ripper may be responsible for as many as 10 murders he could face the death penalty if he's found to have been saying at the time of the killings [Music] you [Music]