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NARRATOR: For some, the drought provides an opportunity. [music playing] These conditions have kickstarted a season of romance for Oriental pied hornbills. At around two years old, this male has reached sexual maturity and is ready for his first attempt to breed. While his fellow hornbills are paired up, he's fresh to the courting circuit and this is date night. He puts in the extra effort, preening even those hard-to-reach places. For several weeks, he's been wooing a female. Their beaks are less pronounced than the males. Mirroring each other's movements, the couple get in sync. She's playing hard to get. Now that the dancing's over, a touch of mutual grooming, and the main course begins. She needs to test his loyalty because hornbills pair for life. He demonstrates his devotion with a gift of food. As their relationship and trust develops, she will rely more and more on what her suitor brings, road testing him as a provider for the family. All of his efforts pay off. The pair consummate the bond that will last a lifetime.