Horse Camp A Love Tail

you you [Music] [Music] [Music] the [Music] look look at that almost 500,000 hits in the few hours since we first posted the video that's amazing I've got emails pouring in from all over the place heck I've even got reservations for next season and companies are asking how they can sponsor the next video does this mean what I think this means mr. C yes it worked you did it Black River Ranch is back in business high-fives don't leave me hangin girls [Music] I love these first days of camp you know there's like no campers around and it's just as staff girls me too Lisa I'm really looking forward to hanging out with you this year really I'm gonna be a whole new Stacie College has really changed me okay but I like the old Stacie just try to be the best you that you can do did you know that I raved $5,000 for Africa last year huge country I think we're walking off the poor people live yes I am aware of Africa Wow I'm just especially like admiration and envy how did you raise money and what you do there well my dad donated the first thousand and then for his friends match the rest raising money for poor people is so simple you just posted online yeah I wonder why poor people don't post online more I know go on what what did you do with the $5,000 I went to Africa Stacey I'm just curious how does you going to Africa help Africa it raises awareness Lisa one popular and pretty people like myself go to places like that people just tend to notice you have no idea how many likes comments and shares my photos got I can only imagine and did you know that I joined campus warriors for social justice it's so fun we made cardboard shelters and we've left in Dundee it's tire night the entire night huh totally understand homeless now and I only went inside my dorm room once and that was just to use the bathroom and to charge my iPhone is Stacy yeah you remember when I said last summer that we could be friends and even maybe like sisters but sometimes it'd probably be better if we wrote in silence yeah do you want to do that again yes please okay [Music] Kimberly are you sure about this dad yes the 10th time yes you could have taken a life our job at the club if you wanted to earn some money come here for a week or so then join the real world it's not how horse camp works remember can't believe it's been four years since you've been here how'd I get so old so fast you're not that old daddy and I'm looking forward to seeing old friends yeah it's nice being back in Michigan it's been a long time since I visited my cure company leaky leave anyways I went over this a hundred times beautiful I have to go where my job senseless it's not my call I'm just a small guy I'm not the boss I think you're great I do thank you beautiful I just want you to work on your resume you know good college a good job it'd give you opportunities I never had there's a lot more to black rather than just horses that you saw that on the website maybe maybe it's just girls riding horses uh well here we are listen Kimmy things change your old friends they just may not be here and this may not be everything you're expecting if you want out at any time any time just call I think they confiscate our phones for a reason there's no good reason when you're my daughter and I miss you I'm gonna miss you too [Music] okay kiddo you're the boss I just work here are you gonna be okay without me sure I'm a tough guy remember let me put some flowers on your mother's monument I'm gonna go home eat some chocolate and watch reruns of Miss Dave that's my personal horse cam he's such a nut this your last chance beautiful you say two word and we're out of here I need this dad please [Music] you need to know okay [Music] goodbye honey I love you love you daddy [Music] welcome Kimberly Wow have you gotten tall since I saw you last happens to the best of us mr. C where is Miss Jessica miss Jessica is now mrs. Jessica she got married last year moved on with her life she won't be with us this year she was always so nice to me you see little ones black river farm and ranch will live within you forever this place is your sanctuary I love the here miss Jessica and I love my horse little fire but he loves you too and if you ever come back he'll be here for you only if you're here miss Jessica I'll never leave Black River he was the best yes she was but you're gonna like all of our new counselors too this is Miss Lisa our new head counselor let's um grab your bags well drop them in the dining hall for Jerry to grab and I'll show you to your bunk house okay okay [Music] oh really meat right now you're kidding right what's wrong well for one it looks like it's infested with Lyme ticks and two - I've seen jail barracks that is more accommodating well I guess we like to keep things simple around here simple I get this is primitive Brian just try to enjoy yourself while you're here okay hey we have great horses zoo props I hate yeah me too dude but you're so so nice I didn't always used to be but this place girls Anya but I don't I've done a nice girl I don't have it in me I'll bet you do [Music] are you looking at the horses I'm looking at my horse Lord Byron he's still here come on let's go show you your bunk now you can keep your cell phone but we urge restricted use here at Black River so it's kind of like a sanctuary and a peaceful place away from all the craziness and the outside world you had no idea hey lady that's nice wait where is the old Opera House it's behind us on the other side of the general store why do I remember it being near the dining room I don't know but I promise you we did not move it wait was this always here no this bunk house was built last year things aren't always gonna be the way to do it no that's okay I already know all the girls are you sure of course okay thanks rather be I'll take those car keys now you can keep your phone no whoa hey my wheels are my freedom no go in the key thing it's the rules be or your horse history get it just do it right I had to give up mine too look the keys are kept in mr. C's office they'll be safe there and should you find that horse camp isn't to your liking they'll be there for you when you're ready to go come on Taylor Georgie Maisie who the heck are you it's me Kimberly who thank you yeah I heard you I have no idea who you are Kimberly so that's uh three times now that you've said your name still nothing we were best friends five summers ago okay welcome back I think I sort of remember you okay whatever so here's the four one one I'm only here because my dad knows mr. C and thinks I need to be more spiritual and less snotty I don't think this is gonna work but he promised to buy me a Porsche by lasting desires what are we doing this summer at least we get to keep our cell phones this summer right let's go take selfies on the machine bridge well she changed just be patient with her Kim we're all made of them perfectly yeah I still remember what miss Jessica always told us what's that most important thing in the world next to love is kindness if you can help someone else out without any expectation of reward you've become someone magical ain't that the truth I just wish more people practice that don't worry about it I'm new to so I'm gonna go look at the horses sure let's go bye girls bye [Music] a man should be an oak strength and discipline exercise in the morning hard work at night prayer hard working all day prayer at night the I'm sorry I didn't mean to sneak up on you like that no it's okay I've been I've been listening to her self-help can I help you yeah I'm looking for the head riding instructor I think her name's Stacy I think that's her that's our Stacy fine writer good writer excellent writer so maybe you could point me in the right direction even better I'll take you to her right straight I I miss Bonnie late your beautiful name [Music] right this way oh I'm Jerry but oh my goodness I got this hammer in my hand pleasure to meet you Jerry and it's Bonnie just plain ol money nothing special all evidence to the contrary aren't you the charmer I am I heard that in the tapes I'm sorry you heard what musics the all evidence to the contrary line well I won't tell anyone I still have this hammer in my hand mm-hmm yes you do Jerry I'll put it down here it should be okay here put it down here okay okay yeah I think another summer oh boy shot of that head counselor this year not Lisa it's not fair hi there pretty he's a champion and his day Baron won more than just a few shows he's mine never belong to him do you want to crush him really you're really nice oh you should see me ride I bet you really good good I'm the best I am the best rider that black river ever produced everyone's also I'd love to watch you ride mm-hm I would look forward to that too young lady I hear you have potential potential excuse me who are you I'm Bonnie Lightyear the Bonnie Lightyear good you've heard of me that should make things much much easier I mean I did win national championships 94 95 98 well this Lightyear welcome to the 21st century you must be Stacey mr. C did tell me you were the head riding instructor last year don't see me as someone trying to take your job because I'm here for one year and one year only actually if I were you I'd look at it as an opportunity to learn but I'm not this year sweetheart not this year so I was told to check in with you you tend to my horse and show me my quarters but and by the way mr. feathers here he's a very good judge of human nature and he only likes nice but but Stacey you'll be our head riding instructor again next year but this year is an excellent opportunity for you and the other girls to learn for a really top-end horse woman but have you seen their videos online they're really remarkable she's really quite amazing isn't it that lady sure is nice she sure is I better get my hammer hello everyone I can have your attention really quick I just want to say a few words first off I would like to welcome back our old friends once again secondly I'd like to welcome our new arrivals ladies if this is your first year please stand up and lastly I would like to remind you all that this place is for you it's not for us the counselors it's not for the people who run the ranch we can think Jerry and mr. C for that I'd like to say a few words that my head counselor miss Jessica used to say on our first days of que er horse camp is kind of like a place called Oz it is a place of Sadie learning and fun not only for you but for the horses as well most importantly through all the fun than the riding it is a place of learning not like in school or in classrooms but we're like life lessons lessons that you will carry with you for the rest of your lives I create every program at BR with that goal in mind we want to create a kind of paradise and I hope that at the end of the summer you take away with you the invaluable lesson and gift of friendship welcome everyone have a great time and tomorrow right [Applause] now is the time for the first announcements it will be Lisa's first time doing it I should have given her now she's been watching you for several years yes I'm sure she's got it handled I hope she doesn't change any of the rules there are reasons behind all of my rules you know yep people can get hurt around horses stays rode bulls and bareback Broncos for seven years Jess another dangerous oh my goodness you're not ready we don't allow any bareback riding @br it is so dangerous I hope Lisa hasn't convinced mr. C to change his mind about it it's a very safe camp dear I'm sorry what about your job doing anything important oh you know just busy protecting the whole county nothing big good oh no Dave Dave tonight's the ice cream social what if Lisa didn't order any of the sprinkles it will be ruined [Music] [Music] what you thinking about last time I was here does it change that much kind of no it changes every year and we want it to always stay the same but sometimes the changes were resistant to most are actually for the better a lot of my old friends aren't here well four years is a long time but I'm you'll make new friends and the ones that are here they more or less forgot about me give it time there's a lot of summer left can I make a concussion this is all new to me too I mean it's my first year as head counselor and it's a lot of responsibility and it's honestly not that fun I'm sure you're gonna do a great job [Music] this is so boring seriously an entire summer with no boys no wheels and bad Wi-Fi maybe it's fun for you girls but I'm a little more exciting than that hey who wants to take a joyride into town with me we're not allowed to leave the camper can we get in trouble lame I'm gonna go by myself don't wait up you [Music] [Music] I am so out of here can't take it Riley B what do you mean you are Bailey I'm not bailing I'm bored no you are baleen you came here with an attitude and you don't have the horse sense to stick with it you don't know anything about me you don't think I know anything about you I know everything about you really how because I am you I'm spoiled and nobody likes me I used to have a ton of girls that would follow me but they only felt me because they were scared of me they were scared that I would destroy them socially favor cost me stuck-up I think I'm queen of the hill I'm too good for everything here well I'm not that bad I'm sure you are you haven't even that on a horse this year I I just really haven't felt like it yet I remember you from last year you're the girl that's too afraid to ride horses I'm not afraid of anything okay prove it take one ride from Bonnie today and after a rider tooth you're still bored I will give you the keys myself that's a dare right yeah you betcha I'm daring you you up to it up to it I welcome [Music] I'm ready to ride you ever trotted on a horse before honey no can't be that hard alright go ahead give it a little try [Music] it's not as easy as get me on the saddle that I'll be okay okay [Music] all right now hold the reins loosely in your hands been on a horse before you know sweetie I teach from the ground up we have a lot of work to do the first things first you need to lose your fear [Music] go ahead give a little kick [Music] [Applause] miss Lightyear Stacy sign mine well Riley cantered for the first time today and I thought if she's brave enough to do something that scares her then maybe I'm brave enough to say this I don't want to be the best writer at Black River I want to be the best writer everywhere looks like we better get started how about right now Stacy when's the last time you wrote just for the fun of it what does that mean exactly what I just said don't you remember a time we you didn't care about being the best you just rode because you loved to ride I'm your worst three in the fields that's the love I want you to find again go get yourself a horse and go ride you got it [Music] today's morning announcements will be brought to you by camper Riley today is trail riding day and tonight tonight activity is [Applause] [Music] me laugh hey Gwen do we talk who are you Lisa you know me for like 10 years don't tell me what I know I'd really appreciate it if you could just tone down the yelling this year when I'm the head counselor this year head counselor there's a new one of you every year I have not called seconds and why are you in my kitchen right now this is the camp's kitchen this is not the camp's kitchen this is my kitchen second Dave Mike well what are you two newlyweds doing here aren't you off doing your marriage thing oh well we have been you know we're rebuilding the house talking kids you know we have a favor to ask anything for the legendary Miss Jessica oh stop flattery will get you everywhere well so here's the deal you know her kindergarten job has they're only working part-time it's in the mornings from 8 to noon and the rest of the day the rest of the time I'm driving Dave crazy things I didn't say that it was what we came here to ask was can she help you guys out here part that kind of like old times well of course you know we can always use extra help around here oh great then it's settled now Oh where's Lisa we have a lot of work to do to make sure this summer runs smoothly Jessica you know Lisa is very capable I think she has things pretty much under control yeah of course she does Lisa is great I I'm just gonna make very few adjustments here and there a couple of changes to make sure we stay on course thanks mr. C [Music] that's gonna be an issue isn't it yes it is and she is driving me crazy don't even think about changing your mind she's fantastic she's a star [Music] it's so humble so why don't you go talk to her Jerry how come you never got married I [Music] was married for 22 years [Music] only girl I ever kissed we men middle school I lost her a cancer 14 years ago Jerry I'm so sorry okay it's all right you just you never said anything it's not a subject I'm fond of I told Mike mr. seed when he hired me but we haven't discussed it since and you haven't like dated or anything since then no but well it's been [Music] I think Emma would understand and you now your eye on fun who wouldn't buy what would I even say to her just tell her about things that you like I believe in you [Music] what do I like [Music] [Music] hey Sam Baily's I take a look at your food budget and the expenses for the area also I'll take your bet two reports for small animals yeah of course thank you I said and you say no cell phones I'll take that you and I are gonna have to really watch these girls if you release us they're gonna want to try to take advantage of so many things to do I have to make sure everything is up and running smoothly on to the next area [Music] there is a fence what the heck was that I think that was Miss Jessica thank you Sam that was very helpful [Music] select Macy's getting into the swing of things I think our mr. Jerry might be smitten yeah he's got the googoo is going to bad why he's so shy he's never gonna do anything about it maybe we can help out it's not a bad idea can be you remember my nickname so how are the Wonder Twins gonna get these two together let's get to it Wonder Twins ignite so what's it like being married yeah must be romantic right everything is fantastic Dave that's sheriff Dave to you all Dave and I went to Orlando and he made me promise not to tell but he were Mouse ears with me Oh [Laughter] hey what's going on here okay so I've been going through all of your changes you've been very ambitious some of them are well interesting others I just don't think we can do for example yeah I'm just gonna pause you right there for a moment girls this meeting is over so Jessica I need to talk to you outside and you guys can go back to your stations thank you that means now Jessica I love you oh I love you too yes but you're welcome back here part-time as a junior counselor my changes are my changes as long as you stay with my schedule and my budget I would love to have you here but it's a yes or no a junior counselor after all I've done for Black River Lisa's our senior counselor this year babe you got to respect that whose side are you on yours you're 100% right she's wrong would you like me to call her a name now no don't you dare Lisa is pure and good and oh my goodness she was right listen she I went right in there and I disrespected her in front of her entire staff in front of her staff Dave I am a horrible person though no you're not sure positive how'd you get to be so smart I listened to you for two years and I learned what you want me to say that was a good plan you know I think so junior me [Applause] [Applause] tater tots [Music] okay let's start by having Jerry give her a flower then he'll tell him that she looks pretty tonight and that he had to talk to her and if he did it to be upset with himself all day so romantic and he wants to know about her the real her more than just her looks oh I miss my gear just Bonnie right Bonnie I'm Jerry yeah I remember well I need a break you want to take a ride with me on a horse onward I'm I've never been on a horse you've never how many years have you worked at a horse camp 10 years 11 years and I'd say it's about time I like chicken [Music] why don't you go get yourself a horse and live a little [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] how you doing up there Jerry I'm not just getting my horse legs don't worry I'll make sure you get home safe I'm not worried so where you from Jerry you talk I'll listen Jerry you're clearly a man of mystery me a man of mystery yeah well that's what they say I'm sure they do [Music] [Music] how's it going mostly well mostly that girl Zoe how is she getting along with her cabin mates not that well she it's lunched by herself she walks around camp by yourself mostly I've seen this sort of thing before what do you mind if I just I'm sorry if I was her surely er no no it was my fault it really was if you can help Zoe have a great summer I would really appreciate it yes she walks around camp without any friends mm-hmm and I looked into it and honey you know god I don't mean to be short but I've got a hundred things to do for work today look you and Lisa are amazing I'm sure you will figure out a way to help this girl out Zoe fine and I think I have a plan to help her there you go I want you to mentor her what no no no look Black River is a fantastic place but it's your place I mean you're the one that wanted to work part-time there you know this is your thing her father was a Detroit firefighter she lost him this year you're so good with horses and I think she might respond better to a man especially a man in uniform no okay yeah thank you you owe me okay paid in full [Music] okay so what are we gonna do next just hit the birdy it's not like we're keeping score no I mean about Bonnie and Jerry seriously they've got on five walks together eat lunch together but he won't even hold her hand he's so shy I have an idea I like to boy ones but my sister stole him and it just made me so angry so what's your idea come on girls Jerry's love life is none of your business it's none of my business I don't even think I should be saying the words love life in front of you girls her 16 years old mister seat and Jerry is a grown man if he wants to ask a woman out on a date I'm sure he can do it on his own he really can't I want his brother's phone number if I can call him then our plan will work girls just look at the situation for yourself mr. seed you'll see that I'm right [Music] Jerri hmm what are you working on oh pretty well Jerri maybe you need a break I was gonna get that painted Jerri I'm gonna go to Mexico and let Stacy run the ranch how do you feel about that Jerry yeah sure yeah that's a good idea Caribbean is nice the Caribbean is nice there we don't have to talk if you don't want to I get it I know right now it seems like nobody in this whole world understands you but I do you see my father he was in the army he went out one day my mom and I we looked at the calendar when marked off all the days until he would return but he never returned he I work for the Sheriff's Department I don't really know any of the firemen in Detroit but here in Sinhala County I know all of them and I'll tell you this all fire men are heroes you never forget that all right favorite camp song and go AC baby short yes George e Titanic oh it sounds terrible everyone drowns we're just thinking having us sing that song Rebecca oh yeah I don't I don't really know any other songs yet first year you can get skipped like junior Birdman [Music] doing great Stacey that's a new hamper Darren wants you to use the left leap Stacy don't let him come one with your horse when his feet touch down it should feel like your feet are touching two Hertz when his lungs fill you should feel the oxygen good now listen to me it's gonna be new and scary for you but I want you to loosen up on the reins soon you're going to drop them entirely and ride without them your body and mind will tell with his you will think of command and your horse will do [Music] hey first year blues no I'm okay just have a hard time making friends sometimes yeah it's definitely not easy coming in as a person can bring I remember when I was 16 we had a brand new girl Kathy and unfortunately I wasn't very nice to her at first why not I wanted to be popular so you were just mean to her all SARS they could be popular well no she ended up being super popular and as you could guess I started being really nice to her wait so you were mean to her so you could become popular and then you were nice to her after she became popular I'm sorry that's just really shallow yeah you're absolutely right and I think it's worse how well when Kathy became the brand new queen bee we all started being really mean to Stacy you mean miss Stacy like the really good writer that's the one and I'm not saying I'm proud of it but what I am trying to say is with some time we all became really good friends and maybe that'll happen for you Thanks I think I really needed to hear that I really am okay though okay I just want to check with you thank you [Music] Stacy you're really doing a great job thank you can we feel myself improving I didn't think that was possible I want you to start writing at night at night but yeah dangerous only if you don't trust your horse you think it's dangerous because you can't see as well see you're still thinking with your human senses become one with your horse horses run on their own at night all the time if you can live through your horse CC you can write at night [Music] okay baron trusting you garage [Music] [Music] one piece of cake each hi can I talk to you anything small yeah thank you Haley - how do you think your summers going think everything's a-okay that is great to hear yeah brave do you think that it is for everybody else what do you mean do you remember your first year at camp I was still a camper with you yeah I'll never forget how nice you were to me that summer do you think you've been nice to Rebecca I haven't been mean to Rebecca didn't ask if you've been mean to Rebecca I asked to be a nice to Rebecca I it's her first year it's not easy [Music] hi brother how's it going Larry right as rain what are you doing here came to see my brother but ended up talking to this lovely lady instead I can see that your brother's also quite the charmer huh how was your first month on horse camp in Bonnie hmm so far I'd say rather outstanding you two know each other we just met getting along well though indeed I would just tell him Bonnie here how I'm the head handyman and groundskeeper at the golf course here in town a bit more money in it than the head handyman at the Black River but that isn't important is it Jerry not to me Larry you can definitely tell the two of your brothers I don't like this she's funny and beautiful and kind and I saw her first so uh you fancy her then yes I do you do yes I do I like you very much yeah yelling Larry got me upset I got a phone call from some of the campers they thought you needed a cook you can see right Jerry I like you too you do even better now that you're not yelling good morning campers wonderful here at Black River another beautiful day it was full of new friends old friends and new memories we're expecting great things from each and every one of you all summer today's morning announcements will be brought to you by camper Sydney yeah this morning the Cherokee tribe will be going to the lake front freeze to arts and crafts in the zoo we'll be going to the bar today's lunch is grilled cheese sandwiches [Applause] [Music] to be crazy [Music] be crazy [Music] me [Music] crazy [Music] [Music] so what's the plan I don't know we have to do something to help out Kimmy's right mr. Gerry's too bashful seriously the water balloon fight was the first time he even held her hand it's almost painful to watch two adults acting like well like one of us I think they just need some help Riley right I love the picnic idea I think it's lame and they're gonna know it's a setup who cares by the time you figure it out they'll have to go through with it what do you think Rebecca you in oh yeah I think it's a great idea I'm totally in well that settles it then let's play on the most romantic picnic ever see I started riding when I was really young one time we had this old mule I was riding on em I couldn't wait more than 50 pounds he decided he wanted to write regret into the center of town there's nothing I could do how did you step hold home and you know it's a small town and everybody's used to seeing horses but not mules that guy was so smart you know what he did he walked right up to the grocery store he stood there in front of the door until they opened as soon as they opened the door and he walked yeah there's nothing I can do except duck I'm sitting there with my little feet kicking him and yelling whoa pulling on the reins trying to get him to stop him that guy was too smart and he walked right up to the produce section start eating all the carrots you're funny it's a true story dude you ready to go yeah you ready mark all right let's go I got your note oh I would love to have a romantic dinner with you tomorrow night you I will see you in the West meadow I'll be there at 8:00 okay okay okay okay I have a long list of stuff that we need okay fire away real plates and silverware huh twinkling romantic lights we don't have those wine we definitely don't sell wine to camper so only when you're older than me Sara miss Sara and nobody sells me wine either miss Keela can you help out here I'm basically just still candy oh come on Kimmy we can just go buy everything online oh I know how about a happy camper t-shirt no Stacy you look like you have something on your mind I am I just your Bonnie I wanted to thank you for helping me this summer I've been on six nitrites so far and I know that I'm growing and my horse kills every day because of your teachings I didn't even know that it was possible to ride without reins but I'm doing it at first I did not want you here I knew you were a better rider than I am and I was jealous of you but I'm really glad that you came you've taught me so much and I just wanted to let you know how very much it means to me so thank you [Music] Thank You Stacey it was really nice to hear Stacey you know when we first met I was jealous of you two because of my youth and good looks you reminded me of me I was always the best writer every camp every show every competition always best writer I was always the prettiest and I was meaner than a snake I spent years hurting other girls feelings and I actually enjoyed it so yeah when we first met I was jealous it was jealous because you still have time to change Stacey thank you for this Thank You Uncle Dave yeah do you believe in heaven I don't know I think so I mean I'd like to think that all the people were lost or looking down on us you know and a lot of people with the near-death experiences that say they see a bright light feel real peaceful really happy you know maybe that's heaven you think the big voice is there absolutely my father be there sweetie all firemen go to heaven that I'm sure [Music] [Music] number one where you land your silver watch you waddle [Music] I want to say thank you Stacy bake me what for I know it wasn't easy for you in the beginning of the summer you know but me becoming head counselor and mr. C bringing in a ringer delete the horse program probably felt like people forgot about you it did but you hung in there and didn't quit on me and I want to say thank you for that because BR needs you and I need you and you may not ride at Bonnie's level but technically no one in the world actually does but you are an excellent horse woman thank you and you're even better now I mean Bonnie's gonna leave us and you're gonna be our head riding instructor again next summer you are really good it means a lot to me thank you I have to admit I was a little nervous about your abilities to be a cabin counselor in the beginning of the summer but you're pretty good sad the best camera counselor that you have you were pretty good I think head riding instructor is gonna be the best spot for you next summer but you're better than I expected Lisa mr. C made the right choice you're the best person for head counselor I I couldn't have done it and none of the other girls could have either Thank You Stacey do you remember at the beginning of the summer when you asked me if any of the projects I worked on actually helped anyone buying first-class to Africa is not charity Stacey I'm not going to fly coach Lisa have you seen it back there in our barrack Stacey okay but I was thinking if you'll have me I'd really like to work on one of your projects like an actual charity well if you actually mean that and I would love to have you okay we should go shopping we can wear matching outfit I will pick them out because I have the better style but I'll do you a favor we'll buy blue because blue similarly complement your eyes but I think I should do to left because I do need to ballet and I don't know what kind of car you'd help do you wanna get lunch [Music] Wow Jerry you really outdid yourself I did yeah you sure did I mean this yeah I did listen this is really nice isn't it it is thank you this is so great it's great because you're here with me did you hear something no uh me look chicken I think I remember you saying like chicken Jerry I do I like chicken I think I like you more more than chicken even more than chicken mission accomplished ladies I could get used to this whole matchmaking thing it was an amazing team effort I wonder if anyone will ever love us like that of course somebody will he'll be handsome but not cocky and a perfect smile and a castle or maybe just a really nice house on a lake and he'll be older like really old like maybe even 20 thank you goodnight wonder twin [Applause] [Applause] I cannot express how pleased I am with all of you and I mean all of you our theme this year was the kindness quest and it was a overwhelming success and it's entirely due to all of you I know it may seem that what we did here at BR this summer may have only impacted us but please take these lessons you learned here at Black River farm and ranch and share them with the world I know we all love horses but at its core BR is not about horses we build strong female leaders women of confidence who spread kindness into the world and I want to say thank you to my friend Miss Jessica you have taught me so much each and every summer of my life and I wouldn't be the woman that I am today without you No thank you Lisa you're all very special to me and from what I can see you all learn something about being nice to one another so please when you go back into the real world take the gift of BR with you and spread that magic into the world and I know I'm probably taking a risk but I was hoping my good friend miss Stacy has something that she can add to this so if you would please give a round of applause to next year's head riding instructor miss Stacy Wow it's gonna be a really hard speech to follow after miss Lisa's Act but I only have this to say I've been at beer for quite a few years now and this is the first year that my eyes were open to to myself I was always queen of the hill and I never cared about what anybody else thought even when I went to Africa to help feed the poor it was just an outward kind of play-acting I just wanted to show the world how cool I was but it wasn't real kindness because it didn't come from the heart true kindness is when you give and you expect nothing in return and I think I finally understand that now thinks my good friend miss Lisa it's my new friends to whom I owe so much I love you all [Music] [Music] make new friends the geek the old one is silver and the underscore goes round want to be your friend [Music] [Applause] we [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I may never March in the army ride in the cavalry artillery but I am called the [Applause]