Horse Is Airlifted to Safety After Falling Down Bank

this horse had to get airlifted to safety after falling down an embankment here is up in midair it all started when the thoroughbred named Sonny got stuck in a fence on his owners property early in the morning when neighbors cut the fence to try to release him Sonny went tumbling down a 30-foot drop crews had to sedate him this is Armando never read from Los Angeles Animal Services as it was all happening once we sedate we already have the harness on them it's gonna take literally seconds so that we just get them up and over and then the vettel reevaluate and once he lands here you can see the massive response from the Los Angeles Fire Department and it wasn't an easy rescue it's very challenging because of the location we haven't had anything this difficult because usually we can get them up with a tripod or we can glide them up with a special large animal glide the good news could have been a whole lot worse just some minor scratches and cuts is what you can see at this point nothing significant however it's obvious that the horse is unable to get up even with an abundance of people assisting and pushing and so we don't know the extent of the injuries probably just exhausted but nothing broken at this moment so everything looks for now good so we're hoping for a great outcome out of this sunny was taken back to his Corral and is being given lots of fluids to put him on the road to recovery for Inside Edition calm I'm Justine ray