How Do You Find A Company To Close For


Dan Lok


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- I've been getting a good question and that is, "Where do you find any companies to close for?" (chill upbeat music) Now, if you've been following my work and you've been watching my videos for some time now, you know, I'm a very big proponent of closing, and that's what I teach. I teach students from all over the world and transforming them into professional closers. They close for companies that sell hi-tech programs, products, and services. So the question you have is where do you find opportunities. First of all, opportunities are everywhere. You look at most companies, every company needs more sales. And in order to scale, a lot of companies and entrepreneurs they need professional, quality closers to help them scale. So opportunities are literally everywhere. If you're asking that question, clearly, then you have not been through my program. Or, maybe you watch a couple of videos on YouTube or on the internet, and you kinda get a glimpse of what we're doing and trying to figure out the picture on your own, let me tell you this, it's not how do you find opportunities because most people when they see what we do and they try to do it on their own and they don't work. Why? Because the way they're approaching companies are wrong. They try to spam companies "Hey, I can close!" First of all, can you actually close? Do you have the skills, are you good? Can you produce results? That's number one. Number two, you cannot just spam companies and say "hey I can close for you" and just that's not how it works. So, the way you approach certain companies, the way you approach entrepreneurs and executives, you gotta do it properly. You have to add value first. You don't go out there and start knocking on doors and pitching people. That's like, goes right against of what I teach, right? And that's why people try to watch one video and then, it's like watching one video on martial arts and now you can be in UFC. It is stupid to think about that. So. The way you approach companies, how you approach them, by adding value first, finding out about their needs, to see if there's actually a need for your service. And if there is, then you can work out the deal. They're everywhere. They are at live events, they are on the internet, they are anyone that's doing any kind of advertizing or they're some kind of funnel. Or they're running webinars. They are everywhere. Opportunities are everywhere. And one of the things that we do within our organization we supply closers to organizations and companies. So a lot of my students, why they come to learn from me not just because I'm giving them the skills but also I'm giving them those opportunities. Because a lot of those opportunities, people know that that's what I do, that's what I'm known for. So, they come to me, and say "Hey, Dan, I need closers". Right, so you come to me and say "Hey, I need closers". And from there, a lot of those opportunities I held and just pass on to my students. - Just got my second influencer and I'm so happy right now, it just feels insane! - And I want to share with you my first Booooom! Yes, I did it, I closed for an influencer, I closed 3K package. - That's I think one of the benefits, part of the biggest benefits of being within our how to get closers community and within our family about what we do, right. If you want to learn a little bit more about this I would recommend that you go through my four part training which is free. You can click on the link below. And go through the four day training series where I go much more in depth, because through a video like this, four, five minutes on social media, it's not the best way to teach this, right? So, the four day, click on the link and you can see I map out the model and go much more in depth. If you're serious and you really wanted to develop this high income skill, then you can see and join us. Then I'll take you through a seven week program and if you're very very good, I'll also have a lot of opportunities just, coming across the table, I'll be more than happy to give you those opportunities as well.