How I Became An Instagram Motivational Speaker




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- [Amber] Hey Buzzfeed, it's your girl Amber, aka @jstlbby and here's a little bit about me. (upbeat music) - [Narrator] Amber Wagner, aka @jstlbby, gained fame with her witty inspirational videos. (upbeat music) - I've noticed that you've kind of been hard on yourself, you feel me? Right now, I want you to take a minute and thank your damn self. Hug yourself if you can, you feel me? Pat your damn self on the back. I grew up in a two-parent home with my mother and father. In Englewood, California. I'm very ghetto, loud, always playing double-dutch walking to the corner store, eatin' too much. You know, kid stuff. I always had an outgoing, bubbly personality. I'm always loud, always rambunctious, clumsy as hell. Just me, wild. I got on Instagram in 2014 and uh, I just started there with just regular pictures. Then one day, I had um, did a video about my ex. Hey 'ista, my ex tried to get back with me, you know what I said? Hell no, bitch! (laughs) And that went viral. Then I did a video off of Beyonce's song Drunk in Love. So, every since I heard Beyonce sing ♪ I've been drinking watermelon ♪ Bitch, me too! The fuck! The first time I realized that this could be something big was when the Shade Room had posted me on their page. After that, celebrities started posting me, they started following me and I was like, okay, this is serious now. What made me want to be motivational was just my life, I was in a dark place for awhile, you know, dealing with these guys usin' and abusin' me and then me just not really fully lovin' myself and knowin' who I was. And once I did, I don't know, a sense just came over me like you know what, you need to put this out there. My mother is like my biggest inspiration, motivator and everything because that woman is just so strong. Like, she has been through so much from hip surgery, shoulder surgery, everything. Still helping my grandfather who was bed-ridden. Brushing his teeth, making his meals. And she still remains positive, still remains happy. Still just does her best. At first when I started social media, she told me "you're not funny, nobody's going to like you". I'm like, okay. And I was crying, I was so sad. Next thing you know, I showed her I was in the Shade Room and I showed her where Rihanna was following me and other people, then she made a Instagram. Now she loves it. She wears my T-shirt out in public. People say, "oh my god, you know her?" She's like, "Yes, that's my daughter." Okay, so, when I'm in my zone, getting ready to do my videos I'm usually at my desk, okay. I have my phone here and I have to get my mind right. So, I think of a topic. For instance, heartbreak. So, in my head, niggas I ain't shared, okay, nuh-uh they doggin' us out, whatever. So I'm like, okay, let me get ready. I usually, you know, you know me. Put my glasses on, I'm in my zone, so. Hey, Valentine's Day is tomorrow. I'm single, and I ain't even trippin'. It's okay. I just speak, like, you know, about who I am and situations that I've been through. And you know, with me being like, plus size, I want to help the plus size young ladies. And people ask me how do I do it? I say, I just, honestly what I did, I just pray about it and I just keep going. Everything is pure. It's nothin' forced. The message I would like to send to younger females of color is embrace yourself, don't base how other people feel about you, how you feel about yourself. Don't let anybody deteriorate you, deter you from what you're doing. Just keep being you. You are the mother-fucking shit. You are great. - You're actually a queen. You inspire me so much. You really are. I'm so sorry. - No, I appreciate your positivity. Thank you. Give me another hug, that just made my day - Oh my god. (Upbeat music)