How Inside Edition Interviewed Preacher Kenneth Copeland


Inside Edition


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how are you sir we just like to ask you about why you don't want to fly commercial why have you said that you won't fly commercial you said that it's like getting into a tube with a bunch of demons why do you think that here's how inside edition's chief investigative correspondent lisa guerrero interviewed televangelist kenneth copeland they are some of the most popular and flashy TV evangelists in the country when we decided to do this interview we were aware of his schedule and we knew that he was going to be in Branson Missouri for an event for a several day seminar and so we flew down there my team and I you kind of caught me off guard here okay we always try to call ahead of time when we do these kinds of interviews and you know ask them for an interview and sometimes they get back to us sometimes they say no in this case we wanted to talk to Kenneth Copeland about his comments about getting into a tube full of demons and he wouldn't fly commercial because of that do you think that people that fly commercial or demons give me a chance to talk sweet heart I'll explain this to you but it's a biblical thing it's a spiritual thing it doesn't have anything to do with people you're a very wealthy man yes people would say that is it is it appreciate add something to that uh my wealth doesn't come from offerings or sell things books and DVDs yes and I have a lot of natural gas on our property didn't know that did you babe now I do yeah you do calling me baby and sweetheart my answer to that is that I was really truly interested in what he had to say I just let those comments kind of roll right off my back because I wanted him to answer our questions if I were to get defensive or you know say something back to him that would have been ugly then maybe he would have got has gotten into his car and driven away and our purpose of course was to try to get him to talk because you haven't you I'm gonna get to that thing about the demons the Bible says in the book of Ephesians we wrestle not at the end of the day when that wood is at 11 or 12 minute conversation was done we looked at it and we thought that our viewers might want to see the entire conversation there was one of the wildest interviews I've ever done for Inside Edition this was one of the first times that we've ever put out an entire interview I think people like to see the approach reverend copeland hi I'm Lisa Guerrero with Inside Edition how are you I think they enjoyed seeing the banter going back and forth you know he pushed back on some of my questions and I pushed back on some of his answers do you really believe that human beings are demons no I do not and don't you ever say I did to watch the full investigation go to inside