How Jordans COVID19 lockdown compares to US response

more than 50% of our nation's population has been ordered to stay home leaders in Ohio Kentucky and Indiana each in their own way have asked residents to do the same did you know California was the first state to take the measure last week and now a total of 17 states have done so that means life as we know it has drastically changed due to the Cova Denine teen outbreak in many states across the country businesses deemed non-essential have closed forcing hundreds of thousands out of work social distancing practices are in place many are quarantined in their homes and grocery store shelves are wiped out in many spots while these changes seem drastic to us we wanted to check in with one of these strictest lockdowns in place to stop the spread of the corona virus to find it you would have to travel more than six thousand miles across the Atlantic Ocean tonight we're talking about the Middle Eastern nation of Jordan it is the 11th most populated country in the Middle East and is also well known for having one of the most well developed health sectors in the region reporting from NPR explains the lockdown has seen the temporary closure of grocery stores and even pharmacies walks have been banned as well as allowing pets outdoors there is even a ban on driving the country reports that sixteen hundred people have been arrested for not following these rules and more than six hundred cars have been impounded the country also has a large population of refugees from neighboring Syria the global pandemic had spurred fears that refugees could quickly overload the country's healthcare system as a result all travelers entering Jordan were placed in a mandatory 14 day quarantine about 5,000 people were quarantined in hotels now all incoming and outgoing commercial flights there have stopped during the lockdown as NPR reports to help residents there the government has commandeered public transportation like city buses to deliver groceries medicine and other essentials directly to neighborhoods even considered distributing cigarettes as the country has one of the highest smoking rates in the world there are currently more than 460,000 positive cases of kovat 19 worldwide Jordan which has a population of nine point seven million has seen just over a hundred and seventy cases these numbers of course are evolving and rapidly changing