How Man Took 33 Family Members on Vacation to Hawaii

Sam Pratt is a very generous granddad he just took 33 members of his family on a dream trip to Hawaii it's a trip of a lifetime must have cost a fortune and air travel right but it didn't cost a dime Sam had racked up more than a million frequent flyer miles he cashed them in so the entire brood could join him for free in this case in particular Southwest had a great sail to Hawaii and he took advantage of that and next thing you know 3,000 family members are joining you in paradise now get a load of this but the only passenger on this place passenger Vincent peony found himself all alone on a flight from Aspen to Salt Lake City good evening Vincent and welcome aboard there were more people in the cockpit thank you so much pleasure can't wait your private time two vacations to remember from a party of one welcome aboard to all in the family [Music] you [Music]