How Many Balls Can Kevin Hart and Anna Kendrick Absorb


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Those are some of my fans. Let's say hi. Hello! ( indistinct shouting ) See that, Anna? It looked like I was gonna be nice, and then I wasn't. Huh? Huh? Right? - You don't do that? No? - Oh, help me. When it comes to dodgeball, Anna Kendrick is amazing. I'm about to bring you to a whole other level of laughter with these "What the Fit" deleted scenes. Uh, so, we're here. About to go get into some dodgeball with professional dodgeball players? - You can't be afraid. - Okay. 'Cause that's the number-one rule. When a ball's coming at you, you gotta take that. We got two lovely suits over here. We're putting you in these things. - I just get in? - Do we jump in? - How do I get in? - I can put it over you. It's like a-- there you go. - This is it. This has to absorb the balls. - Yep. - Okay? - I have no fear. - All right, no fear. - You go first. - Mick: Come right here. - Oh! All right. Don't fear the ball! Don't fear it! - Don't fear it! - ( yells ) Hey, real quick question. Why are we protecting our body and not our face? ( laughs ) Is there a reason that our faces are out of the-- Don't get hit in the face. - Okay, all right. - Rule number one. - I'm just gonna turtle. - That's it. Ah! Oh! - ( yells ) - Anna! Good job, Anna! Good job! One, two, three! - Let's go, we got some heat. - Ah! ( burps ) Can you stop burping? Ew. - What, dude? - You're so gross. I'm sharing my essence. What the heck, man? - No one wants that essence. - Yeah, okay. Last question. If we both caught it and then I let it go and she has it, but then she drops it. Oh, yeah, you're both out. - ( gasps ) - We're both out? - You're both out. - But she fumbled it. Ah! You made me fumble it because you tried to get in the way of my pass, my hypothetical-- - You see what I'm saying? - Ugh. - You see what I'm saying? - Oh, my God, he's gonna blame everything on me. - Got it. Just got it. - Just watch. Just watch. So I just want to be clear. Y'all might wanna play, like, away from each other. All right, so, look, here's what we're gonna do. - Uh-huh. - We're gonna stop here, we're gonna go in, we're gonna go to a little-- just a little-- a psychic assessment. Just a psychic that you know. - Well. - Okay. Great. I'm excited to get fixed. Come on, man. Let's go. Whoo. Yeah, that-- no. Which card do we have for ya? Let's see-- oh, the page of pentacles. Part of this is looking at things in a new way. This is a new way. He's holding the coin, so this is about not only releasing the past for you. That the past is over. It can't hurt you. What's your card, Kev? Mine? I'm a angel. I-- uh, that's perfect. The abundance of joy that's going on, he's looking at-- at his-- This is just-- this just looks like I have one thing and you have a lot more. And it's like, I get it, he's got a private jet, he sells out arenas. No, that's-- this is-- This feels like a judgmental card reading, honestly. No, you can't-- you have to help her, tell her it's not-- I'm, like, I'm holding it like it's my one, precious coin. Uh, let's do a little tea, shall we? Great. Mm-mm, not gonna get me. Ever since the movie "Get Out," I don't really do nothing with a tea cup. ( laughs ) I get that. Tiki, we got saddle hops for you. - Okay. - Guys, follow along with this. So, basically, you just start and just... - Come on, Kevin. - And you go, go, go! - Push with your-- - I feel like a little kid having a tantrum. "I said I don't wanna go in the house!" Yes, keep going. Oh, like-- no, no, you're going too high. Yeah, you're feeling it now. - I'm sick of your ( bleep ). - That's perfect. - How do you feel? - Like a Chihuahua. - Like a Chihuahua, that's right. - There you go. - Faster, guys, faster. - Mick: All right. - I think we're getting warmed up. - I'm warm. And joining Saucy is Anna Kendrick and Kevin Fart. - See this right here? - Yeah. - The wall. The wall's your friend. - Okay. Okay. Show 'em why the wall's your friend. You can do a lot on the wall. - You could dodge on the wall. - Ah! You got dodges off the wall. Flips off the walls. Another flip, too. I wasn't doing that 'cause I didn't know that you could do that. Yeah, that's the only reason why I didn't do it. - Yeah. - You wanna give it a try, Kevin? Yeah, yeah, yeah, you just-- You got it, you got it, okay, okay. - ( grunting ) - There it is. - You-- oh, yeah. - There's a dodge. - On your tummy. - All right. - Yeah. - There you go! - Whoa! - There you go. Get the interview after the game. We're gonna be all sweaty. That's when you want it. Anna's about to play dodgeball. She doesn't like it. That's the interview. - I don't want to be your friend anymore. - ( laughs ) I don't think you shoulda drunk the tea. - Okay. - ( laughs ) Hart: Hey, what's going on? This is Kevin Hart. Now, I know we had fun, but right now it's time to get serious. So what I want you to do is start by watching these videos and subscribing to my channel, "Laugh Out Loud." Do it!