How Many Calories Can You Burn Using Just Your Body Weight


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(gentle electronic music) - Hi, my name is Coss Marte, and I'm the founder and CEO of ConBody. ConBody is a prison style boot camp where we hire formerly incarcerated individuals to teach fitness classes. So in most prisons, you won't have access to weights. We solely use our body weights just like we did in the prison yard. You might think you need a whole bunch of machines to work out with, but all you need is your body weight. So today we're gonna do some of these workouts, and we're gonna find out how many calories they burn. (electronic music) In prison we worked out with a whole deck of cards. So this is a ConBody deck of cards. What we did here, we divided each suit into a different exercise. So if you choose a club, you'll do a lunger. (electronic music) (chiming) Next is card is a heart, squat thrusts. (electronic music) (chiming) Next one is a Joker, star jumps. (electronic music) (chiming) A spade is a mountain climber. (electronic music) (chiming) A diamond is a squat. (electronic music) (chiming) Can you do the time and tell me how many questions you got right? (electronic music)