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sube how many Instagram accounts should I have this is probably the most commonly asked question and even though Instagram is fun it can be completely overwhelming to create consistent content on multiple accounts in stay to the end where I'm gonna teach you a super-fun iPhone party trick and make sure to subscribe and hit the bell go ahead hit it so that you get notified every Monday when I drop a new video I'm sue B Zimmerman and I've taught thousands of business owners just like you how to make money on Instagram and today I'm gonna teach you how to decide whether or not you need multiple accounts on Instagram and thanks so much to Ren a podcaster who shares weekly inspiring stories if you want to feature in my upcoming YouTube video all you need to do is drop a comment below and be sure to put your Instagram handle when you're deciding whether or not you should have multiple Instagram accounts here are some things that you should be considering what are your goals right now are you focused on your business account or your personal account how much time do you have to commit to Instagram do you currently have more than one account are you transitioning from personal to business if so I've linked one of my youtube videos how to set up your business account on Instagram I believe one of the most important things about having success on Instagram is consistently showing up so you really need to do an inventory of your time to make sure that you can manage and keep up with two Instagram accounts so if you've gone through all these questions and you've decided to shut down one of your accounts I recently did this let me show you how to do this professionally so that your followers know where to find you I let everyone know that I'm putting all my energy and time into my business account the Instagram expert so I tagged that in my bio all caps I put listen to the video why I closed my account so people could watch that IG TV video and then what I want to show you that we did was we created nine post to really get everyone's attention at the of this account so they can see that I closed it so the last three really specifically said I'm no longer posting on this account follow me at the Instagram expert I'm also going to show you what one of my ready set Graham community members did when she decided to drive traffic from one of her accounts that she shut down to her current business account so sales started a new business account called the canva content Club as you can see she has 210 followers but she was a little concerned using the name canva as her username on Instagram so she changed the name she let everyone know that she changed it in her bio to the template tribe and what she did was she converted her personal account this used to be her name to her new business account because you can change the name of your account so it's now called the template tribe if you're looking to up your Instagram strategy in 2020 make sure that you grab my free Instagram guide that I linked for you below this video commit to your business the bottom line is if you're here for business you should be prioritizing your business account over your personal and now that Instagram stories is such a dominant neighborhood on Instagram it can be hard and time-consuming to consistently create stories and post content in your feed so remember to keep your business page focus and we all want to see that infused personality that you have and your core values if you're showing any of your personal content I want you to constantly think about what is in it for them what is in it for the person that you're trying to attract to do business with so here's the sube tip if you go on vacation and I recently went away to Morocco and I shut things down I didn't post for nine days and I gathered all the photos and all the videos thinking how can I share these later in my feed and relate the content back to my business so even though the photos are from the vacation you can use them without talking about the vacation and if you want to share multiple photos or photos and videos at one time you use the carousel feature to really highlight that vacation tying it back to business so now I'm going to take you into my phone and show you three accounts that do a great job at infusing their personal life into their business Lia is all about women empowerment and she travels around the world hosting retreats in different locations and she's also a musician so when you scroll through Leah's account you'll see all these beautiful pictures of Leah in different places and she takes us with her personally but also professionally and she does such a great job at infusing her personality into everything that she does so that you feel more connected to her and her business Sharon is all about helping people thrive having a healthy lifestyle as someone who has survived cancer she not only shares her personal stories but she also infuses her personal life and her family and her kids into her feed and you really get a sense of who she is and what she does and more importantly why she doesn't host Athena is a very talented fashion artist and she obviously is showing us her work but what I really like about every 9 or so photos she shows us her you can feel a slight connection to the illustrations that she does to her own personal style so here's the party trick that I wanted to show you here it is just tap and hold the app and now you can quickly go and post a new post view your activity or switch your Instagram accounts this is such a great time-saving hack if you're looking to attract more followers and buyers on Instagram and I think that you are make sure that you join me for my free Instagram training it's called the three keys to getting more engaged followers and buyers without the overwhelm I link that training for you below this video and don't forget to follow me on Instagram at the Instagram expert where I share Instagram tips every day did you like this video go ahead and hit subscribe and give me good vibes smash that like button and let me know in the comments below if you are gonna have one or two Instagram accounts and I'll see you in the next video are you transitioning from personal to get clean go away I'm like right here freeze-frame here's the sube tip if you go on vacation instead of