How Many Risk Their Lives to Climb Mount Everest

yet another American has died at the world's tallest mountain an attorney from Colorado has become the 11th person to lose his life on Mount Everest in less than two weeks so why have there been so many deaths blessed rent went inside a high altitude chamber to show what oxygen deprivation can do to you traffic gridlock on Mount Everest adventurers are lining up in a desperate bid to reach the summit the overcrowding is being blamed today for a shocking number of fatalities 11 deaths in just 10 days some are even calling this year's climbing season a death race this video was recorded by Colorado dr. John caderousse key I spoke to him from his hotel in Kathmandu Nepal where he is now recovering this season the weather didn't really allow a lot of good summit days when there's a good weather day everybody goes and then of course I can lead to people waiting in line running out of oxygen what's it like to run out of oxygen oh I went inside a high altitude chamber at fusion physical therapy in Manhattan where climbers come to prepare for their adventure with trainer Matt formato this chamber will lower the oxygen content in your blood and over time we want to create resistance to that lower oxygen state which will help you perform better when you're up high the oxygen level is just 15 percent I'm not doing much but the fact that the oxygen level here is so low makes every bit of exertion that much harder you can hear these climbers on Everest breathing heavily struggling to get enough oxygen to the top climber Rob and Fischer we're told his own death posting video last week as he prepared to climb Everest he was nervous about the gridlock awaiting him at the top riding on Instagram with a single route to the summit delays caused by overcrowding could prove fatal he reached the summit but collapsed and died on descent when someone dies on Everest the body is left on the mountain it's simply too dangerous to bring it down the easier thing to do is to leave them or move them just enough so that people can get by in this photo of climbers walk past a dead body it's the harsh reality of attempting to conquer the highest peak in the world but it's a risk many are willing to take it's worth the view the family of the Colorado climber said he passed away doing what he loved [Music] you [Music]