How Mike Posner Is Inspiring Others After Snake Bite


Inside Edition


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and maybe all my listeners could have hope to and that's what I'm gonna do I become Who I am from what that go dude keep going even while he's in pain from his hospital bed Mike Posner is still inspiring the grammy-nominated singer songwriter says he was bitten by a rattlesnake in Colorado and had to be airlifted to a local hospital now after taking about 60,000 steps a day Mike is learning to walk again got it going just working through the pink it all happened during his walk across America which started out in New Jersey his goal to truck it out on foot clear across the country ending in California his mission to leave each town they visit a little better than it was when they arrived I got a few people walk away music CBS this morning was with him as he started his journey my friend told me take you're giving up a year your life to do this I said it's like I'm taking one back for listening and performing ninja shows you just tweet out or Instagram out say hey I'm gonna be at Griffith Park at 7 p.m. there's no money that changes hands and their tickets and I love doing those mike says there is no way he's going to stop until both of his feet are planted on Venice Beach and even though he is maintaining such a positive attitude doctors say he won't be able to walk for weeks but the encouragement he's getting from his peers is helping renew the pep in his step Big Sean broke I love you bro my god you got this Lilly Bobby Brown said in part sending best wishes to you and Jo Jonas's message rest up bro glad you're okay all gentle reminders of what Mike knows he has to do first FC Colorado feel or real good let's go keep going for Inside Edition calm I'm Stefanie officer [Music]