How Mobileyes Autonomous Vehicles are Making Cities Smarter

what's driving the future of autonomous vehicles data that's why right now we're working to gather process and provide a better breed of data this valuable data will accelerate the launch of autonomous vehicles and make cities and transportation smarter at the same time we are looking at the street with a vision sensor and detecting a lot of useful data but what we are doing we are making the calculation in our IQ chips in the unit and from that sending the road scape data to our cloud and from that creating actionable insights to a city to a fleet to a government as autonomous vehicles are hitting the road they need maps that are highly detailed and precise so we developed a key technology to answer this mapping challenge it's how we localize the vehicle within the map relative to various landmarks it attacks on the road like vehicles traffic lights and even potholes when we look on the transportation in the city and we analyze it over time we can have insights about what's right and what's wrong in the city what's working and where we have almost accidents or where we have areas in which you can plan better if you have the pedestrian standing and waiting not where the bus stop is you can move the bus stop and have the bus stop to be more efficient in addition to fueling autonomous vehicles we're using all this rich visual data to help make entire cities smarter our technology can see objects alongside the road and tag them creating high-definition maps of teas in rem we're starting talking about huge amounts of data in order to compute such huge amounts of data you need to have large storage and large number of pores or CPUs it allows you to process this data detailed real-time data will also enable commercial transportation to operate smarter by helping managers know which vehicles and drivers have been on the road longest so they can make route adjustments and ensure safety these technologies aren't just making vehicles smarter by steering cars to an autonomous future and harvesting all this premium data we're making everything smarter cities streets and fleets [Music]