How My Doubts Led Me to Islam Sidi Joram van Klaveren

yeah my dad's had to do with with especially with the Trinity because in Christianity we believed that God exists as one being but in three persons God the Father God the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and I always found it very hard to understand the concept because in Christianity Jesus Christ dies on the cross but he is God so God dies so I asked the minister when I was 12 13 how is it possible that something that is infinite infinity God is is infinite how was it possible that it dies because then it is end it's ending so that that's impossible and if he's dead and he is a life at the same time it's something like a square circle it's that's impossible and then they said well it's a mystery yeah that's but you have to believe it but if I try to believe it I can't because it's a mystery and III don't found it very satisfying so that's something that and there are a lot of theologians we have very nice concepts but in the end it's it's coming back to the question is is the god of Jesus Christ is it 1 or 3 and in the whole Bible there is no where there's no sentence in the Bible that says God is 3 it isn't there and in the the parts that are referring to something that could be interpreted as 3 are added later and it's even in the Christian Bible you can see that's it's almost always between I don't know we called hockey's quotes now and in Bible it says the the sentences between those things are added later so there are in the Bible there is no there is no there's no referee a Shinto God is three and there is even a sin that Jesus Christ says hear o Israel your God is one well that is exactly the same as Prophet Muhammad said there is one God that's a lot so it it it wasn't logical for me so I the the the the three the thing was it was a issue for me and and another thing I talked about earlier short there was about whether there should be a murder before God can forgive and I found that mat logical because in the Bible says there's a story about a protocol son it's a story that there's a father and he has two sons and it's a very rich father and it's a very successful company and one of the sons goes away and he says well dad if you use a rich and one day you will die so can't you give me the money I'll get when you die they said ok you want that here is the money and he goes away and he does everything he shouldn't do partying all the time and going to hookers and I don't know what he does and he comes back he's totally wasted and he doesn't feel like a man anymore image says well what am i doing I wish i I've never gone away and he regrets it very much and after a few years he goes back to his father and his father sees his son coming and says to his assistant well bring him the best clothes that you have put a silver ring on his finger and let's celebrate that my son my lost son is back but the other sons as well although I I was working all the time for you I did everything that I had to do I abide you about the law we pray together to God and a weird weird Willy there goes and does everything wrong and you're celebrating his return and it's a story that Jesus tells in the Bible and in and then the Apostles the people are the Jesus followers Eko what's what's the point here and and Jesus as well that the the father is happy that his son returned after he did so much things wrong he still accepts him and there is no condition there's not no son or whatever who had to die first or there's no there's no slapping or no screaming there's nothing he just forgives his son and it was for me I thought yeah well the prodigal son story that Jesus tells it it's almost 180 degrees opposite of one of the dogmas of Christianity because if Jesus tells this story to show the rukmi of God how is it that that the Christian Church teaches that God wants to see someone gets killed first but there was another point for me that I thought well the Islamic narrative is much more logical in it it's in a sense even more Christian then a Christian teaching the doubts I had when it comes to the Trinity of God and the crucifixion that effect in Christianity believed that God had to sacrifice Jesus Christ so he could forgive the world but at the same time in the Bible it says that God is Almighty and does what you want to do and I always thought as a child well if you are Almighty is God why can't you just forgive why is there a son who had to die before you can say okay I forgive so I thought it was illogical still and I still think Christianity is a nice legion only I didn't believe the truth with a capital T it wasn't there for me anymore and strangely enough when I was writing the book I got Islamic answers to Christian questions yeah that that was a point for me that I thought it gave me a lot of arrest and my heart and my hair too resonated and that's something that I didn't had before so when I felt that and I of course you believe it that make me in the ain't deciding to become a Muslim and that's what I did I still am I'm very