How The New Daniel Bryan Is Elevating EVERYTHING In WWE

[Applause] rejuvenated after his recent Hilton and WBA championship victory the new Daniel Bryan has become one of the most must-see superstars on WB programming Bryan's promos alone have become an unmissable moment on Smackdown live and he's actually reached the point where you could put him in the mere vicinity of a WWE production and he would create something brilliant around it the new Daniel Bryan could cut a promo standing next to one of those gas guzzling WWE production trucks probably with hideous tales as fierce pilaster across the side of it and turn it into a scathing tirade about how the company has an obscene carbon footprint and the a Jeff Stiles is the poster boy for the uncaring complicit masses picket cut a promo in a merchandise warehouse attacking and highlighting the sheer extent of WB's unethical consumerist revenue stream he could even cut promos outside the mansions of his various opponents and try to paint them as these aloof celebrities who don't care about anything in contrast to his tireless and selfless efforts to continue to try and save our planet the man is a license to print money at the moment and that's because the new Daniel Bryan is not only the best character in WWE right now don't worry Becky Lynch you're still very much the man but this character one that brian has saw genuinely and passionately crafted by himself is the best thing that debris debris have actually promoted in yes a great character interact in perfect harmony with their environment pun very much intended but Brian is so important right now that he is actually elevating the environment around him on the January 8th edition of SmackDown live Brian removed us from the usual landfill that is the in-ring opening segment and instead took us backstage to a concession stand mimicking the characters personal quest Ryan used his resourcefulness to spare us the usual rubbish and there he could have fiercely believable promo one that's become synonymous with this new headline run of his and he managed to deliver a point so detestably then he managed to actually garner a huge pop for our truth of all performers who actually finally turned up to shoot Daniel Bryan oh so many of today's wrestling characters even some of the best in ring workers around all seem to share the same sort of textbook motivation that we hear week in and week out they want to be the best in the world they want to be the hardest worker they want to earn opportunities through constant battle and tireless hardwick but beyond that what is it that truly separates the likes of a heel drew McIntyre from the lakes of a fierce F Thrones I mean they're both going for the CM aforementioned goals but where's the clear definition in contrast the new Daniel Bryan has a motivation and clearly defined character whereby he can challenge credibly any of the baby faces on the blue brand take my stuff early for example Bryan seems to resent the echoes of his old self that he can see in Mustafa Ali's bleeding heart and as a result he plays this overcompensating bully rule to awesome effect the new Daniel Bryan not only gets himself over but gets other act over - as a man who never actually won the cruiserweight championship during his time on 205 live mustafa ali's cult appeal has been maximized by the fact that he's just been in close proximity to the new Daniel Bryan let's not forget Bryan let himself be pinned in a tag match the WWE Champion in order to help get Ali over this doesn't just apply to new talent or think back to Survivor Series 2018 how many of us were very excited about the prospect of a nonchalant mercenary Brock Lesnar dominating the raw headline scene once again without actually appearing on to be de buri TV but the new Daniel Bryan is so exceptional that even Brock Lesnar managed to rediscover his motivation and help us to see what vince mcmahon will always see selling as if in media peril he allowed bryan to pummel the living daylights out of him smashing him in the back of his head in the heated moments of a closing finish that was absolutely electric not only that but Lesnar also allowed Bryant who was credited with laying out the match to portray him to the WWE Universe as the slothful and arrogant piece that he saw often considered to be by the fans in respect of Daniel Bryan's artistry his quality and ability to make something fantastic Lesnar actually put himself forward is essentially a ready and willing piece of clay for Bryan to mold into something wonderful albeit one of the biggest and baddest and nastiest looking bits eclair I've ever seen elevating each and every person he interacts with Bryan has managed to lift the whole brand in general not just Smackdown not just raw but w/e across the board but on top of that he's also managed to elevate the role of the pure he'll one that you might say I was elevated down in NXT a little bit by your boy Tommaso Champa shout out to the greatest sport in the tenets of all time but Bryan has managed to bring that to the main roster on a whole new level we love his work to death and yet even though he should probably cheer him because of how good it is he still manages to get the boos you're saying the danger usually is that any sort of cutting edge is enough to open up a heel character to adobe debris audience making them seem more exciting and therefore more terrible than any of these baby faces who just seem to have such a disconnect with the fanbase this is not the case with the new Daniel Bryan though you see his message well actually a genuinely vital one we should probably be worrying about this a little bit more he's delivering it with such a holier-than-thou attitude and apoplectic conviction that in his reign he simply can't not be better than us to Bryan and his cause the Dibby Dibby universe is synonymous with the toxic waste that we throw away on a daily basis and helped to pollute and destroy the very planet he is striving to save - Daniel Bryan wing or Chuck garbage and to be fair from a critical standpoint you could actually argue that Soares WWE but the new Daniel Bryan is such a genius creation that the brand of Smackdown live has been elevated so much that we now talk about it in the same kind of breath as the likes of NXT and even New Japan Pro Wrestling I mean just watch back that Daniel Bryan promo that everyone was talking about he doesn't deliver the message that he's trying to tell us with some sort of overbearing smugness that's not it at all he positively rages others because he's furious that nobody's paying attention and by proxy he bites the heads off my chrome and Cathy Kelly and watch it back again and you'll notice something even more interesting those fingers that once pointed to the sky to tell us to fight for our dreams and sort of the heights that we never thought we could do are now no longer pointing upwards but they're pointing directly Alice he's pointing down the camera he's telling us that we are the problem we are the thing and the people who are polluting and destroying his wonderful wonderful planet that he's fighting so desperately to try and save in wants you to feel the self-loathing for the responsibility and the part that you play in that destruction incredibly Brian is even using his character and these promos to help elevate our social conscience but let's have it right and let's be completely honest here none of you were paying any attention that way because you don't care that's what he's trying to say how many of us eat a bunch of animals this week how many of us use aerosols this week how many of us bought something that was encased in plastic and when you really sit down and start to be critical of yourself and self aware of your own contribution to what's going on you don't like it so we feel a little pang of weird self-loathing and because we don't want to put it on ourselves what do we do with it we've projected back on a Daniel Bryan and of course if you're watching this but don't give one single i order about your carbon footprint or maybe you think that global warming is just a hoax that's being fabricated to strike fear into everybody side note you should definitely pay attention to that it is real and very much an issue but let's see that that is how you feel about it then who better to hit on then this deluded hippie am i right hey I mean Christ look what you did to CJ Parker he spent five minutes talking about this stuff in NXT and he had to physically leave the country and go to Japan and become juice Robinson before anybody Girish about him again listen whether you agree or disagree with his message at all the new Daniel Bryan is the perfect yield to United attached and smarten up fan base and let's be honest in the edge of the cool heel what could be any less cool than some sort of people or warrior nothing is the answer of that but nevertheless it's not going to stop Daniel Bryan and his strife for change because he wants to make that change to paraphrase Frank Costello from the department the new Daniel Bryan doesn't want to be a product of his environment he wants his environment to be a product of him yeah what culture my name is Simon Mannering today I have an announcement so big so huge it's gonna shatter the very foundations of your life to the point you may need to phone up a friend and say I don't even know who I am anymore I have just heard the news have you heard the news they'll probably say no I haven't heard the news but you're already on the phone to them you've already connected with them so I would appreciate it you either tell the menus or send them to this video Thanks so what is the news well it's nice and simple I've heard you out there I've seen you've been commenting I've read your tweet and I can now officially let you know that if you do enjoy raw ups and downs if you do enjoy Smackdown ups and downs then now you'll be able to set your watches to them you'll be able to make notes in your calendars because we're gonna have an official time for when they're gonna go live I know massive so ups and downs for Raw will go live at 2:00 p.m. GMT that's bridge time every Tuesday and they will go live at 2:00 p.m. GMT every Wednesday perspective you don't have to be aimlessly walking around anymore go what do I do I want to know what going up and what got down what Seth Rollins little what AJ stars is up to now you know 2 p.m. GMT Tuesday 2:00 p.m. GMT Wednesday's ups and downs coming at ya in the face I realize what I just said retract that keep moving on and I hope to see you there soon and I hope that we build an audience so big if I ever wanted a March an army anywhere in the world I could and we'd call it the ups and downs army because they haven't come up with a bad name so yes just to reiterate more ups and downs 2:00 p.m. GMT Tuesday Smackdown ups and downs 2:00 p.m. GMT Wednesday I cannot wait to bring this brand new era in and unlike other brand-new eras I've already let you know exactly what you can expect to see come on 2019 Kenny Omega don't know where he's going but you do know you can always rely on ups and downs