How This Helmet Helped Treat Womans Depression


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all right so I am headed in to get my deep TMS treatment I'm going everyday this week I'll be going every day for the next two weeks should be fun looking forward to it see how this goes I'm Juliet's Paolo I'm 21 years old I started dealing with my depression when I was around 14 she started having depression and anxiety symptoms when she was in high school or middle school high school and you know came to me and told me what was going on I had a really hard time going to school every day I couldn't get out of bed I didn't want to eat I was just miserable all the time and I realized that this wasn't a normal way to feel in that I needed to talk something about it so I started seeing my psychiatrist doctor clinic refused medication and therapy so how she turns a crush on trying whole host of different medications nothing really worked perfectly for me and I really struggled with taking it every day that's one of the reasons why we ultimately decided to do the deep TMS deep TMS or the transcranial magnetic stimulation is the treatment of depression in which we use of repetitive magnetic fields or pulses of feels to actually stimulate areas of brain they're responsible for to have development of the crushing so when I first saw the machine that I would be using I was definitely nervous it's not something that people talk about a lot I was not aware of deep TMS and what the possibilities were the first thing was like you know this is kind of like Frankenstein she's gonna have somebody messing with her brain and you know it was a little bit scary and then they spoke to dr. Crewe Nick and you know she explained to me that really you know the medication is really doing the exact same thing the brain cell can be activated in two ways it can be activated chemically and it can be activated with magnetic stimulator all right we are all strapped in treatment is going about to watch some Netflix and hangout it basically just feels like for 20 minutes every second there's a little tap on your head kind of like just a light tap it's not really uncomfortable it's just kind of odd the first couple treatments and then you don't even think about it my first round of treatments I watched basically all of Brooklyn nine-nine on Netflix on my phone very cool I'm currently watching shits free on my phone at my treatments toast a toast but yeah it's really it's just 20 minutes I got nothing else to do so I just watch TV okay I'm leaving my TMS treatment went well 20 minutes watch it's Greek big day within a couple of weeks I really noticed you know her getting back to being herself so after I got the deep TMS treatment I've had no trouble getting out of bed in the morning I functioned like a normal person my age might hold 20 copy personality and you know going out for friends a little bit more and just you know really getting back to my daughter there Julie it's the Prussian code to 80% so this was her you know huge and great response keep in mind that medications usually to give patients about 30 40 percent recovery and improvements this is a be precise so she really felt out of you know that's extremely rewarding it makes you sort of believe in the treatments and actually get what about actually providing that she but she continued the treatments and when she was finished then you know she was fine and she could go back to school so it really was a life changer for us he's amazing because you know that really opens up the entirely different way of approaching a mental illness it really changed my day to day life because it wasn't something that I was constantly carrying around it felt like a weight was lifted off of me [Music]