How This Surf Instructor Is Changing Lives


Great Big Story


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[Music] the impact you have on others is the greatest thing you can do Mary grace I met about four years ago she had lost the ability to walk and she'd been given a prescription for surfing if you want to change the world you start with the kids you teach them a different way to beat you show them that there's other options out there and then let him run with it the oceans readily accessible and you can go there anytime you want that's there as long as you're willing to make the journey [Music] my name is Jean Paul Garcia and I am a professional surfer as well as I mentor to the kids here in town my mom and my father both grew up in a very poor part of Colombia so that was always given this concept of being here we've given such opportunity don't waste it when I was 11 years old I was misdiagnosed with Tourette syndrome the doctors gave me the wrong medication and as soon as they hit my system it paralyzed me that was a really hard battle for me to go through but I had to just find the courage inside to ask for help that's when I met JP so I got a prescription to go surfing three times a week and I could stand up on my board before I could walk [Music] you ready yeah [Music] there's my focus or limitation it's less his focus on the vibration the lessons I learned through JP were beyond anything I could ask for he taught me to smile and pass it on [Music] I definitely believe that surfing can make children and adults were confident once they achieved some sort of positive reinforcement than any environment that sticks to them and they can't help but exude that everywhere they go surfing created a change in the way that viewed the world that if I could share that with anybody I was willing to listen I knew that could only help them warm [Music] there is wisdom in the sea you need to listen you