How To 10X Your Attractiveness ANIMATED




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meet Bob one night Bob was out cruising with his buddies in their fast cars just enjoying life and having fun and then Bob met a girl and then Bob started dating this girl and not too long after that Bob and this girl that he was dating decided to move into a house together and this is the exact moment when things started to get a little bit dicey you see Bob and the girl that he was with after living together started to become almost like one person and Bob stopped spending lots of time with his buddies and many of the things that he used to love he simply didn't enjoy as much I know this is starting to sound like a cymbalta commercial but hear me out so one day bob was sitting on the couch watching TV when his girlfriend storms into the room and starts screaming at about all kinds of trivial little things that don't really matter and has continued to happen for another month until one day the girl that he was with finally decided to leave him and after this happened bob was left completely heartbroken and he just couldn't understand why she would do this to it so right after this happened Bob started working out of the gym again and he also started spending more time with his buddies just like he used to do when he was single then a few months later the girl who had left him saw him with his buddies in the parking lot where they first met and she approached him and told him some ridiculous excuse trying to explain why she had left him in the first place and logically most of what she said made absolutely no sense and unfortunately since bob has never heard of this channel he had no idea that the girl was actually telling him exactly why she left by any super passive read between the lines sort of way and he just didn't understand what she was trying to say so after talking to her Bob decided what the heck why not let's give it another go and so the girl moved back into Bob's house and once again a few months later Bob stopped spending time with his buddies and they would rarely ever cruise around town just like they used to do in the old times and during this time Bob also stopped doing all sorts of other things that he used to do when he was single and after about a year bob was once again sitting on the couch watching TV when his girlfriend stormed into the room and started yelling at him about all sorts of trivial things in about a month later the girls left Bob for a second time can you guess why Bob keeps getting left by this girl over in over and over the answer will surprise you so after getting left for the second time Bob starts calling up his buddies and spending more time cruising around with them and hitting the gym just like he was doing when he was single and then a few months later Bob and his buddies were parked in a parking lot near his house when a very attractive girl approached him but this time it wasn't the girl who had left him and even though Bob picked up on the fact that this girl liked him he decided to do things a little bit differently this time so instead of becoming a couple and inviting this girl to move into his house with him Bob actually took the opposite route and after he did this something incredible happened Bob discovered that the more that he turned this girl away and ignored the idea of a relationship the more attracted to him she seemed to become but it wasn't just this girl in fact it was basically every girl that Bob encountered that couldn't seem to get enough attention from him and they were all tripping over themselves to be his girlfriend but none of them actually got what they wanted so what was it about Bob that changed or what was the one thing that completely altered the way that women viewed him what was this mystical thing that when turned on at will like a switch allowed Bob to become a far more attractive man overall this is a secret that we all want to know right and the answer is independence one of the most powerful attraction triggers that a man can push is independence because all girls want a man who has his own life or has his own things going on and the reason why the first girl kept leaving Bob was simply because once they moved in together their lives basically merged and became one and over time this completely killed the attraction that she had for him you see men are born leaders and the reason why girls find us so attractive when we're single and they first meet us is due almost exclusively to our independence spending time cruising around with his buddies and making time for his favorite hobbies were all things that bob was doing when he was single and when he had his own life and didn't stop doing the things that he loved just because he was with a girl he was actually a far more attractive guy and independence is the key like Bob many guys after meeting a girl stopped doing all the things that they did when they were single or in other words they stopped having their own life so in the third fourth and twentieth girl tried to become Bob's girlfriend Bob finally realized that was losing his independence were sacrificing his life to please somebody else that was the one thing that made him become unattractive and it was the one thing that made this girl leave him so the third time around Bob decided that he wasn't going to make this mistake and legend has it that girls have been chasing him down ever since now what that's saying I'm Julianne let me know in the comment section what you guys think of this new style of video and until next time thanks for watching