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imagine if you could become 10 times the man that you are now by doing nothing more than following a few simple tips now you already know that valuable men get to have things their way most of the time and there is no doubt that life is much easier for these men and becoming 10 times the man that you are now is an easy way to gain more social value and obtain better results over all in your life and the truth is that you don't have to be born with incredible physical looks or perfect genetics for building muscle and instead you just have to follow these simple tips and first up we have number 1 which is knowing what you want now the most successful and most charming and most dominant men all have one thing in common and it's simply knowing what they want but here's the cool part about this knowing what you want doesn't mean that you have to know exactly what you want to do with your life and instead it simply means that you know what you want out of any given situation for example when you go to see a movie you want fresh popcorn right because most people do that's what we all want is fresh popcorn but if you go into this situation not knowing that you want fresh popcorn then you're simply not going to know what to do if you don't get it however if you go into the theater knowing exactly what you want that you want a big bag of the freshest popcorn that they have then if you don't get it you will know that you need to stand up for yourself to get what you paid for when you gave the guy ten dollars for a tub of popcorn that costs probably about a dollar or less to make you did this with the assumption that you would at the very least receive popcorn that is fresh and in this example you know that you want fresh popcorn and in others it might be knowing what you want and going after a specific girl that you like now we don't always get what we want but the difference between a high quality man and a low quality man is that the high quality man knows what he wants and goes for it and the low quality man is a guy who never really makes up his mind about what he wants whether it's a girl or a tub of fresh popcorn and next up at number two is never giving up too easily quality men and low quality men both take on challenges all the time but the difference is that the man of value or the guy who is desired and sought-after by many is the guy who never gives up too easily and who never gives up without a fight now this applies not just to interactions with females but with all things in life it was Julius Caesar who said cowards die many times before their actual deaths and every time that you face a challenge in life and give up right away you become a little bit more of a coward than you were the day before but every time you face a challenge whether it's a girl who's playing hard to get or even just a certain level in a video game and choose to stand your ground and persevere you gain a little bit more progress towards becoming the high value high quality man that you always knew you could be the next up at number three is never being afraid to say no despite being only two letters the word note is actually extremely powerful and in fact some of the most successful and most powerful men in the world got to where they are simply by saying no more than they said yes so many low quality men are simply afraid to say no whether it's telling friends no to give yourself time to grow your business or telling someone no when they ask you for a favor something that you have to remember is that you don't owe anybody anything and quality men know when it's time to say no to someone or something the other day I was shopping for a car when I came across one that was the perfect year the perfect model the perfect color and everything that I could possibly want from a car but when the salesman told me that the clutch was going to need to be replaced which would cost between eight to ten thousand dollars I had to tell him no thanks even though I wanted the car really bad simply practicing saying no more often can save you money energy and it can also save you the most valuable asset that we can never get back which is your time if someone gives you an offer that is not fair to you then say no if a girl tells you that she's interested in you but she just simply doesn't meet your standards then tell her no and in any other situation where it makes sense to do so just simply say no next up at number four is speaking up and this has absolutely nothing to do with raising your voice instead speaking up means to stand up for yourself your opinions or your beliefs one of the qualities that you will rarely find among low quality men is the ability to speak up for themselves and almost anywhere you look these days you will find men all over the place who simply do not speak up for their beliefs and if you don't do this something really sinister happens and people begin to take advantage of you for example the guy at the movie theater sees you and remembers the last time that you were there he was able to sneak you a bag of stale popcorn and you didn't say a word about it and the problem is that he knew it was stale you knew it was stale but you still said nothing and the reality is that most people in this world are good but some people are just awful and many guys will make fun of you or just say something really awful to you and if a guy disrespects you once and you do or say nothing then he's just going to assume that the next time that he disrespects you the odds are pretty high that you are not going to do or say anything to stand up for yourself and if you were the guy who never speaks up for himself people will naturally place you into the low-quality category which will cause females to lose attraction for you and cause other men to disrespect you now the fifth thing that you can start doing immediately that will make you ten times more of a man is being assertive but not rude one of the most obvious differences between low and high quality men is how they handle conflict on one hand you have low quality men who during conflict get really rude and aggressive this is a guy who after getting a tub of stale popcorn at the movies starts yelling at the employees and just totally freaking out about it and this is also a guy who loses his cool way too easily now on the other hand you have a quality man who in the same situation will become assertive but not aggressive in route and it doesn't matter whether you feel like you got stiffed on a tub of popcorn or some guy just said something really disrespectful to you at the end of the day you should be assertive but not aggressive and by being assertive you can win many battles without ever drawing your sword so to speak and some of these small wins will allow you to preserve your reputation and perceived value as a man and others can net you tangible things like a better price on that car that you've always wanted there is no way around the fact that quality men are assertive and low quality men will always be too quick to draw their sword now next up is the sixth and final thing that you can do right now to become 10 times more of a man and it is choosing to own your decisions how many times have you made a decision about something and then later somebody made you feel bad about as men traditionally we are viewed as the decision makers and we tend to make hundreds of different decisions every single day so if you are supposed to be dieting but you made the decision to have a cheat day today and have a huge pizza simply own that decision and don't apologize for it all the time people will ask you why you did that why you chose that particular car or why you decided to start that type of business and the difference between a quality and a low-quality man is that the high quality man owns and stands behind every single decision that he makes whether it was good or bad by the low-quality man constantly apologizes and tries to explain himself when others question or doubt the decisions that he has made and by practicing doing these simple things more every single day you will be able to quickly ten times your personal value as a man and with that said until next time thanks for watching