How To Be Attractive According to Russian Dating Websites

I'll forego resumes and welcome to are you looking for love well then you're in luck no I'm not available there's someone out there for all of us bros but sometimes you need a little bit of help so I found this website that shows pictures taken from a Russian dating website I'm gonna recreate them for you so here we go hi I did it all by myself don't worry I don't bite oh hey there I didn't see your leg I was busy reading The Wall Street and licking a banana it's one of my favorite hobbies click on my profile to find out more now let me excuse me I have to continue it's my banana some call me Romeo and this call me please no Mario don't want to do this who thought this was a good idea oh hey I see that I think we should make up a topic we should dates as you can see I have great experience in cleaning and murdering people Anna my name is Sandra and I like to think in the shower and also like a no fist come baby birds what if you were this fish right now just think of all the possibilities I know two places that's not a commission and one of them is intubation this might seem like a fishy situation but if you come here the waters will be all clear I found Nemo now you need to find me hi-yah get off that car wasn't that beautiful of a step it like this video if it may be turned on just a little bit come on just a little bit and thank you for leaving a comment this one is reversed thanks for being a bro here it comes