How To Choose An Inside The Waistband Holster IWB


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hey guys welcome back the gun and gadgets I truly appreciate your time if allowed by your state concealed carry offers many choices and holsters as you can see here just a here just a few wearing the right holster can make concealed carry extremely comfortable and there are many inside the waistband holsters design with your comfort in mind now four key areas of inside the waistband holsters that you should look at when determining which one is right for you is concealment comfort draw and materials the first is the big one concealment inside the waistband holster as a whole just a design solves many problems presented by different styles of carry you know there's gonna be no hide hard to hide it bulged on your hip because this is going to be inside your pant line underneath your belt line and underneath the cover garment whether it's a t-shirt or jacket or whatever it helps to keep the weapon type to your body which helps in comfort and concealment and this also helps in retention because the guns not sticking out as far as some other types of carry you can also use your arms to help conceal it you can hide that little bit of a bulge that you know is there more likely that most people aren't noticing but we know it's there and there are a lot of telltale signs of people and carrying it if you do care you know what I mean you're constantly tug and every shirt or whatever but the inside the waistband holster option is really good for warmer climates or even warmer times a year on summer when you just wanna wear shorts and a t-shirt you're good to go with inside the waistband as long as you you know you know we're in skin tight clothes comfort is huge on the inside the waistband options because some of them are going to feel different for different types of body makeups regardless of your method I carry you know comfort is huge if you're not comfortable wearing a gun you're probably not going to wear your gun and you do not want to be that guy who's not wearing it the one time he doesn't eat it holsters are made from all different types of materials and that also leads towards your comfort you know some are more comfortable when when worn in different climates than others like having leather against your skin versus versus a neoprene which will cause some people to sweat more or a suede type of material versus unfinished backing etc those are all gonna feel different for everybody and you have to figure out what's good for you your pants you're gonna have to wear your pants a bigger size than you usually wear you know unless you wear baggy pants already because you're gonna had something that's probably two inches thick to your waistband so if you wear a 34 now you're probably a 36 then you want to make sure you have the pants that are comfortable and they're not do not have your belt line digging into your bodies because that's gonna make it uncomfortable and you're gonna shy away from wearing it if you wear skinny jeans again which is wrong you should have your head checked you can't put a holster inside a skinny jean you expect to be comfortable positioning with these holsters is huge too depending on where you want to wear it whether it's appendix or behind the hip in front of the hip your body style will affect the comfort level that you experience with each type of holster whether it's the hybrid type holster or the small holster you saw earlier like the appendix carry or or a small of 3d holes to wear are you weird on your body is a huge issue as far as comfort the type of holster you choose will also affect the training you have because of your draw if like this holster here is set up for a straight draw which is similar to that of a 2d holster or a thigh rig that many people carry or if you have one of the other holsters you saw a few minutes ago they come with the FBI can't even though they can't is adjustable it's not a straight draw so if you don't practice and train with your holster it could affect your life you don't want to be the person who hasn't trained with what he has just puts on something shiny and new and has that be the reason you have some type of catastrophic event in your life some techniques that people use when drawing from an inside the waistband holster are to remove the cover garment either with one hand the support hand or both hands before indexing the firearm whatever way you choose to do it you need to train if you don't train properly with that you're gonna fumble around and try to get your gun out and you might not get it out in time if you need it you have to train with new equipment the fourth thing to consider when purchasing and inside the waistband holster is the type of materials used not just like we spoke of earlier with the backings whether it be leather or neoprene or some other type of man-made material the clips are huge to consider when purchasing and inside the waistband holster some of them are kayaks some of them are injection molded some of them are steel spring steel you have to pick and choose here what works for you some people swear by plastic clips some people will never wear them plastic will weaken and fracture and break or as steel still can do that but it will hold out a lot longer a lot of people prefer no built slide holsters for that reason some of us have weapons with decorative finishes on them etc and they might be prone to marring one thing you want to look at when you purchase a holster is the type of material that's up against your firearm here we have a leather backing and inside the Kydex there's also a cowhide lining there as well so the only thing touching this weapon in this particular holster is just leather whereas some will have just the Kydex and if the edges aren't smooth out properly they could start to Mar your weapon over time the bottom line is personal preference when purchasing a holster is the big factor you have to find out what works for you the market is full of fantastic options made by extraordinary companies you have to check reviews both in print and online watch as many videos as you can shameless plug please check out mine I have numerous holster reviews up and some more coming but you have to be as as diligent as you can be in educating yourself on these holsters because some may not be for you also ask friends that might carry what works for them and what they've found as far as their experience and other types of holsters and go-to gear shops that will let you actually try them on them if you walk around the shop for a while so you can get an idea of what works but to that note if you decide to have a holster before you just give up on and say it doesn't work for you to give it at least two weeks especially if it's a leather also that the leather takes a couple of weeks you know a week at least it's two weeks to form to the body to break in so that it's as soft as and as comfortable as it can be whereas Kydex holsters have no break-in time really because they don't break in and the neoprene like on the alien here also that they don't have any break-in time either so that's going to be as comfortable as it can be right out of the box so those are things to think of guys thanks for watching I really appreciate it I remember adding two pounds of weight could add years to your life take care