How To Earn Money from Tik Tok Without Making Any Videos EASY 2019


Matt McIntosh


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how to make $1,000 per day with only using tick tock videos let me show you how okay guys so in this training right here I'm pretty much gonna walk you through every step of the way to make these videos go viral so you can actually earn the income that these guys are making and pretty much just like I said you don't have to show your face all you got to do is pretty much take a video cut it down put other videos in there to make your own video and then you'll post it and then I'm I also show you at the end of this video how I actually did this and my video started to go viral and I'm gonna give you the little tricks and tactics that it take to actually do this on your channel if you do have a tick tock channel or if you do want to make a tick tock channel but just hop right into it um as you can see right now of suku means is the first one that we'll go over and uh they got a 140 k subscribers so with YouTube it doesn't really matter about the subscribers it just matters about the views and I'm gonna show you guys how to actually get these views but as you can see um Zook cool memes um you can see they got this pretty much the same titles on your funny tick tock ironic meme compilation and they got oh I guess video 75 version 75 so they've been posting videos pretty much every day every week as you can see on here and that video is pretty much getting 300 800 K 2.2 million 1.6 million and these guys are making um money off these video that they didn't even create so let's just click on one of them right here and you can see it has ads on there and this is pretty much money this was where there are making their money from thank you see just like this these videos if they didn't even create and as you can see they credit the whoever the maker is others video you see Jack Kelly right here and let's go over here to see if you go to social play you actually see how much these gotta get your estimate on how much do you guys are making and as you can see right here 71 uploads and they pretty much are in the range of 2 K 2 32 K every single month so that's $1,000 a day if you go down here to actually see and this is just the estimate YouTube goes by CPM everybody see PM's are different that's pretty much cost per thousand views so everybody CPM is different but as you can go down here and see as the daily um earnings pretty much six three dollars to a thousand dollars per day and you can see every single day exactly how much these guys are getting paid you can see the video view so you just do the math with the CPM and kind of get you an estimate exactly how many um views these guys are getting and as you can see 7.9 million views in this last month and so that's why they are able to make 32k every single month and sometimes it's higher sometimes it's in the middle it just depends on the CPM of that person or their channel but let's go down here you can see they getting around 200 where they average 294 daily subscribers so um this this is the beauty of the tick-tock uknown it's just because it's so popular in this and it's pretty much just a popular app right now to pretty much get into and as you can see on the graph you pretty much just blow up out of nowhere just because it's so popular and you can just you can pretty much get tick tock famous out of nowhere just just how this went so monthly views it was pretty much zero well was got um 171 170 1k views so that was get that were averaging a good little amount of views open it up in here and then I guess one video just blew up and they went up to 13 oh that's it that was a good month 13 million views that month so as you can see right now you can blow up just by posting these tic toc videos and let's go to the next one Dankers thank you hiss so that's like a mean thing that they got going on and they do the same thing as you can see funny tick tock funny tick top it's pretty much the same titles only thing different is pretty much the thumbnails like this one right here 1.2 million views on this video so you're looking at part of the making around like three thousand dollars just from this one video right here and we can actually go to their a social blade and I had to pull it up 1.3 K to 20k per month this monthly earnings right here that there that they making every single month just by posting these videos and the last one has 71 uploads this one got 85 uploads so that's not a lot of videos to post if you're not even making the videos now if you're making them like how I'm making right now it's a bit a little different but you're not even doing that you're just taking clips from different videos and put them together as one and then you're making it on your own videos now when you're making these video you just don't upload the videos and then they go viral it's certain things that I'm gonna be sharing with you in this video to make these videos go viral and that's what you want to stay to the end for it so i'ma give you guys a few tips and show you how I actually put one video up and it's over like 10k views already with 13,000 views now but I didn't even pretty much do nothing but what I'm gonna teach this teaching this video right here and it was just a few things and they just shot up and that's what you pretty much one that will stay to the end of this video for um but as you can see this one right here is the same thing happen if you go to this heart it shot up out of nowhere boom okay and look at this sorry shut up out of nowhere it looked like the exact same chart boom shut up out of nowhere this one actually got 26 million views I don't have 13 million views and look at this subscribers going up as well and subscribers gonna pretty much help your video get that boost that I'm gonna talk about in a second but that's another one first one around 32 K this one 20 K and this one earning pretty much around step one hundred dollars eighty five hundred seven hundred dollars a day alright then the next one I got right here another example Mimar man well they pretty much post means so DS neither even really tick tocks with some of these words tick tocks cuz I remember seeing a few of them well this one tick tock mean that made me laugh alright this one just a day ago they got 14k views but let's go over here to theirs and 58 uploads and they pretty much got 4k 265 k of monthly earnings and like I said you guys can do the same thing like you don't even know who posting these videos when you go in there is just different clips with different people on there and then let's go click on these videos I have to see if they see the description so as you can see right here they credit the tick tock tick tock on there and then down here in the description well they didn't even credit the people who are here I guess they just did it in the video but as you can see these people not even making the videos they just put them together and I got another one right here uh when I was right here slow down we posted let's see they only posted 14 videos in there making the extra two hundred sixty eight to four point 3k thousand dollars a month now they not making a thousand dollars a day but they put me was making the extra four thousand dollars a month now I know that could actually that's a full-time income and they can help out a lot of you guys actually watching this video right now but they only posted 14 videos in it like every chart shut up out of nowhere it's just you know it's just gonna shoot up out of nowhere just because it's so popular right now and all right and now let me show you guys how I actually posted one video and what's the three tips to pretty much well I got four tips to pretty much you know boost your video and first thing first what you want to do for like I said you want to just take these videos and put these videos together so you can play this video and mix it up with a video over here and make your own tik-tok video and you just go by the titles and stuff like that to actually get the videos ranked and so the number one thing you want to do with these type videos is have a good thumbnail now all you gotta do is go ahead to see like okay this is a good thumbnail because it got 1.6 1.2 you want to check out these thumbnails and see like okay how can you make a similar thumbnail to this one as you see this one got a big face over here in the big face over here so maybe you want to have on your thumbnail a big face over here and then the big face over here and then you can do whatever on this side but make sure you have a big face right here in the big face right here alright so thumbnail is real real super important just because you - they pretty much go off of CTR so let's click through rate so the average is around like one - let's say you around one - like three or four percent and you won't have a good click-through rate and so this what I did and you can see right here on my click-through rate it is 17.7% clicky right so pretty much if you have clicked it right over 10% you pretty much a video pretty much gonna go viral as you can see that's what this video started to do and normally you'll want to get in in the suggest the area other popular videos so you too can promote your videos on the on the side of another of our video and then from there that's how you start getting the views but what I'm going to show you right now is how you actually get views from people typing it in and clicking on your video because you rank so high so first things first what you want to do you want to go right here and - and I will show you I'm going to show you guys of this this exact video right here and it's called up if we're gonna be right here I baked you a pie tick tock so all you got to do is go right here I bake you a pie tick tock and as you can see this is what I did I typed this in and I've seen okay I baked you a pie tick tock compilation okay tick tock guy one hour so you can make the it's pretty much giving you what people associate and so you want to pretty much get and rank your video for what people are searching that's how you go viral just by finding things that people are already searching for in YouTube so it's pretty much telling you even when you type in I baked you a pie it gives you original video meme lyrics remakes distance things that people are typing in YouTube not just gonna put this on here for no reason and so what you want to do this what I did I went to this one tick top and you're not seen when was ranking up here and this is my video right here um you see I got the thumbnail I found a good thumbnail and I made this one big face big face big face on my thumbnail so I got three big faces on there and I'm ranking the top you know only reason I'm working the top is because of my click-through rate and the arm targeting idea like I said I bet you a pie tick-tock that was the main keyword I put in then the meme compilation that are actually funny and so when they when I click this [Music] when I click this I was getting a lot of views from this and this is why so when you have a good title a good thumbnail and a good some good tags you'll actually start ranking within YouTube and then that's how you can get your videos to go viral and like I say this is the one video I posted just because I was finding actually get into this nature spot I got into another one and if you go ahead subscribe you like to see the different niches and different things just like this that you can get in is just not only tik-tok it's for tonight gaming you know stories and different things like that you actually be able to see that I actually show you guys on this channel so as you can see the keyword again I'll bake you a pie tick-tock I baked you a pie tick-tock right here again in my tags over here I bet you a pie song I bet you a pie meme I baked you a pie it's it's pretty much the same keywords and that was its niche now into the same area of the video so every tag everything in my description everything goes to I baked you a pie ticks up I baked you a pie if you go down here I gave you pretty and different things like that but you often go to this video and actually mimic what I did just because you can have to see how many times I used it I baked you a pie I put the song again in the description right here everything they're saying I'll put this in the description just me just because I want YouTube to know okay this video right here it's strictly about I baked you a pie tick-tock and then people saw it watching it and that's how I got a good watch time to start to get it pushed up into the arm algorithm to where I'm ranking first so it if you typed in I baked you a pie tick-tock I come on first play like I said only thing you need to do is have a good title a good thumbnail and some good tags in your video to actually go viral but you gotta have it niche down and to you know what you pretty much want your video to be about or whether is your video about so like I said I baked you a pie tick-tock that is what's the main thing I was pretty much my main keyword that I was going for and so if you want to do the same thing all you have to do is like I said have a good title good thumbnail good description and some good tags about the same thing and like I said and how you get your tags you can actually go right here and say I baked you a pie I baked you a pie I mean you can put these all in your tab you can take this whole list and put the holes in your tags you got up to like 500 characters that you can throw in and to your tag so I bet you a pie and you want to put your main keyword first in your tags because again like it's just having more authority when you do that so put I baked you a pie tick-tock I baked you a pie tick-tock compilation I baked you a pie tick-tock fat guy I baked you a pie tick-tock one hour I baked you a pie tick-tock lyrics if you put all those in your tags you pretty much will start ranking for this video if you if you got a good thumbnail with it and if you got a good description just pretty much going along wait what is your main keywords so you don't have to just do it for tick-tock you can do it for just regular means you can do it for funny videos fortnight 8 pics whatever type industry that you want to get into you can start actually ranking for that but yeah that's it for this video I just want to show you guys how you can actually start making those of those amounts of money every single month just by actually taking these videos breaking them up putting them together and then uploading them yourself and then you start getting you know start getting the credit for this and then just when you'll get the views and everything like that and then you'll be able to actually start making money with YouTube by body and the requirement that you got have is 4,000 watch hours and then the thousand subscribers but if you post these videos you'll see how you can actually bypass that those numbers so fast and I think with the regular CPM you part of missing out on like 180 to like $300 of Adsense but if you do want to be able to go viral and you make $3,000 update $300 you know it pretty much doesn't matter so yeah so if you got value from the video hit the subscribe button I'll be posting more and more videos like this on the daily basis so so yeah that's it I'll see you guys in the next video