How To Fix YouTube

everyone please go pre-order my new bunk my diary please get it off the shelves all of my secrets are in this it could ruin my glamour go buy it right now Ramsey he gets me Miranda you to Mars are getting a really bad rap a teach in these things and that really takes me off because I am a youtuber and I don't want youtubers have a batter up a DJ so I thought I would take some pictures of the number-one youtubers and fix them fix them to look like the most pristine perfect youtubers in the world and then they'll probably get more famous or and really help them out all right let's get started this is the Dolan twins now the Dolans are chiseled they look beautiful as you can see they look incredible but the problem with them is they're not dating me so if we can just fix that so basically I'm just gonna take my lips and like make it look like there's kissing marks a lot more diseases that people know like oh Miranda's been kissing them make it look like they're not wearing this shot I know that's really pull on to will be dressed without shorts on and they get a lot more light when they're not wearing shirts so I'm just gonna color in their shirts the color of their skin you know they look really sexy they look like they're not wearing clothes and they look laughs kiss marks all over them so I'm gonna save it so I'm gonna just bring that's what the don't win should look like they'd be doing much better so you're welcome I thinks you don't wins banks so yes of course let's go cheese why is on Liza Liza what can I say I know why's that really struggling these things on YouTube she's not doing well so hopefully I can help her out I can help so first of all why is that you're not wearing a knee we're listening I'm just gonna put some wearin lips on you yeah another thing you need to learn about is on YouTube to make a good thumbnail yours big hmm like that so if I gave you bigger eyeballs you don't even have to make the faces when you're making a thumbnail why's that you can just look at the camera and it'll already be done for you one last thing Liza Kochi what's another one way to get clicks in view is skip pregnant I know you've got that David rubber-like guy you are not married so you can't actually get pregnant yet because you're not married yet so this way I'm making you pregnant and that will get us both a lot of use and then I can have David rumbling so there's the final product eliza coaching looking incredible this will get her way more views thanks this is a controversial one Logan poll or polo again well Jake they have a first name and a last name that sounds like first names I don't know if his name is Logan or Jake or Paul so we're just calling you Paul Paul has been a lot of trouble recently so I thought I could really help him out I'm gonna show you the best way to deal with you the best way to become invisible this will really help your corner oh lon if you just completely go away and that might help you dry and she knows and she is very very big online he keeps saying battle warrants on his channel I've seen him see backlogs in lots of times I didn't come up with them once it was really naughty in that one number one Jane keep saying backwards so we need to make his lips go away if he doesn't have lips they can't talk crank on much better already Shane let's make your eyes bigger you're always working on thumbnails again like I said with my saucony the bigger the eyeballs the easier it will be for you I know you're a very busy man you have your merch line now your videos are really really freaking long like 30 minutes so if I can help you with time management so you don't have to do really long thumbnails like mm-hmm this will help you out no Shane you're very smart with all the videos you're posting these things so I feel like your brain is getting too big and it's getting bigger than your school could handle so I'm going to make your hair a bit bigger for you so you can handle it all you kind of look like an alien which is great because you love conspiracy theories so this is actually gonna help your brand on launching you look great you're welcome Ralph in your career next up we have P oh okay beauty let's get to work again PewDiePie sent lots of bad one so I think the best thing to do would be to cover up his mouth with his own hammer so that you can't talk anymore that's much better already so I'd like to help you out did you always on the lookout for the Maynard watch out watch out I'll give you another eyeball or two let's try that out now I'm just now noticing something mister puny oh you have to be you're going on and I see what your do mean they're very sorry for your past you're very sorry for painting yet wall and so you're trying to resemble someone who's the most holy the most perfect man in the world Jesus you're almost there you have the beard but where's the hair so I'm gonna help you out with this this is also gonna be good because now you can branch out into a whole new realm of YouTube if you have long hair and you start doing Beauty tutorials hero tutorials all these types of themes that looks amazing last but not least we're gonna help out me because I'm famous so first of all I wear a long plastic because I like to accentuate my lips make them bigger so if I just make the list stick better they aren't in here then I don't have to put on as much loosing everything wow that looks so good that is amazing so yeah pretty much I'm just here to help guys I'm just trying to help out the YouTube community tell me who I should help next leave a comment below tell me how I should help next become a better youtuber and tell me what song you want me to cover next I'm really into my vocal career this year or my music where so leave a little note for me follow me on all my social media and I'll see next time I'm on tour come see me [Music]