How To Fix Your Phone After You Dropped It In Water MONEY TIME




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we've read that if your phone gets wet you can save it by like clinging rice and then the rice will soak up all the water I actually have this recurring nightmare about dropping my phone in a lake well now you can put that to rest so that next time you have that nightmare you know with their drill out the rice or not we're in take these phones we're in dropping the water for five seconds and then we're going to grab them and we're going to work our magic with the rice all right one two three okay so my screen is still like it's not reacting how's yours doing mine turned back on there we go is that enough I don't know completely covered right all right now we're gonna give it the weekend and we're going to come back on Monday and we're gonna see if our phones have any damage fingers crossed fingers crossed and we're back do you think this is gonna work I have absolutely no idea but I am very excited to find out all right let's do it powering on I have an apple oh you're just making noise and everything there no oh good so just took a little bit longer all right I'm going to try to give you a call okay please wait it worked hello can you hear me now I could totally hear you know oh my god dad well it looks like our experiment worked you know if you drop your phone toilet or a sink and you get it out after about five seconds seems like you can revive your phone no promises if it goes through the washing machine but you know it can survive a little bit of time underwater if you take some steps afterwards that's good news