How To Get Directions in Google Earth

okay welcome back learning birdies this is mr. beaks this is the third video on the basics of Google Earth and this video we're going to learn how to get directions so far we looked at two major locations in Prior videos which were Disneyworld and the Golden Gate Bridge so we're gonna go ahead and see how to get from the Golden Gate Bridge to Disney World so to find out how to get from the Golden Gate Bridge to Disney World you click an upper left hand corner give directions and you don't know the address or if it's a famous place and generally not actually any place with a name should show up so I don't know the address of the Golden Gate Bridge on the cement type in Golden Gate Bridge up here where it says a and then B will be the destination which is Disney World and then all you do is click get directions and it's going to show you automatically the driving directions you can see it suggests interstate 10 heading east and it's a total of two thousand eight hundred and ninety six miles and the trip will take approximately 41 hours that's assuming that you don't make any stops and it tells you step by step on how to get there what roads to take when to turn right when to turn left all the way until you get to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando so it's a pretty nice tool if you decided that cars are just too bad for the environment or maybe you just wanted to get some exercise you can change the directions to walking directions so you click this little figure here and it will give you walking directions and as you can see you still take a lot of road a lot of streets a lot of highways but now it takes you 931 hours still the same in that miles of course but generally you're gonna follow streets and highways still but interstates are less important now obviously and then of course you can also bike so you click that little figure to get biking directions that will only take you two hundred and forty four hours so not quite as long as blocking I prefer biking over walking the last way to get directions is what we call the transit button you click on this and it will show you how to use mass transit to get ready to be whether it be bus or train or taxi basically driving without owning the vehicle and we're going to go into that in more detail in the next video so stay tuned for that thanks for watching learning birdies until next time you