How To Get Your Videos Suggested on YouTube

hey guys my name is Tyler and welcome back to a brand new video in this video I'm going to show you how you can get your video suggested on YouTube and in turn grow your YouTube channel make sure to watch the entire video since you really don't want to miss out on any tips that could and will get your videos suggested also my channel has been blowing up for the past few days and I wanted to take this time to thank all of you thank you all for liking and commenting on my videos I really do appreciate it in return I'm gonna do my best in this video to help you reach your goals my shout out giveaway still active and if you haven't entered yet make sure to do that by subscribing to my second channel by visiting the link in the description below once that's done come back to this video and comment done now enough that let's get into the video number one make engaging video content engaging video content is content that keeps the viewer watching for a long period of time about 7 minutes or more YouTube is all about watch time and not so much about views a video could have a hundred thousand views and not get suggested because of poor watch time while another video with barely 1000 views could get suggested because of high watch time bottom line is that you should always try to figure out ways to get your viewers to watch your entire video number two upload compelling custom thumbnails custom thumbnails are generally the single most important element in getting someone to actually click on your videos the more people who click on your videos the more watch time you're able to rack up now there's a pitfall here which is that if you make a misleading thumbnail people will click away from your video quickly harming our average view duration and harming your suggested video algorithm performance so always create custom thumbnails that actually relate to your content and don't click bait only for the sake of views since it will hurt your overall watch time number 3 optimize your YouTube content for recommendations optimizing your YouTube content to appear in recommended list hinges on many of the same principles as for search engine optimization a key difference is that any appearance and recommendations is likely to be only temporary so the goal is to remain there as long as possible here are a few tips for optimizing your YouTube content for recommendations write a detailed description for each video using contextual keywords that demonstrate why your video is relevant to a range of different searches don't miss the opportunity to optimize all of your video metadata this includes the description and your videos title and tags create compelling thumbnails create playlists on specific topics to create a more immersive experience consider adding others content for variation create a consistent flow of high-quality videos in terms of both engaging content and slick presentation that's my best tips to help you get your YouTube videos recommended if you found this video helpful please like and subscribe and stay tuned for more videos peace out