How To Increase Sperm Count Fast Naturally

[Music] hello and welcome to another episode of dr. welling show today we are going to discuss about a topic which we mainly men search online but they have a difficulty in asking any doctor directly that is how to increase sperm count now infertility is a issue is increasing drastically it is centered around fifty years back in only one couple out of hundred health issue as of today out of 100 around twenty five to thirty couples have a problem conceiving a child naturally and around 30 to 40 percent of those problems are related to spawn cock so people are searching online to find out what is the diet what is the food that can help you increase the sperm count naturally without any medications now we have been treating infertility cases or infertility couples for the last 16 years and we know what helps and what doesn't help so I am going to discuss few main dietary tips for you to increase your sperm count as fast as possible but you need to know that consistency is the name of the game it takes around three months to six months to increase the sperm count in reality just following this for a week or a month is not going to help you so just stick to what I'm telling you as a tips so just stick to the steps and see what wonders you get the first group of vegetables' of roads which we need to follow Cypress roots we need to have a lot of vitamin C in your body if you need to have good on production now citrus fruits or vitamin C you get from oranges you get from owl you get in from motion being so these are the common ones you need to have regularly alternate day at least now as such vitamin C you also get from Tomatoes but I would concentrate here on Cypress roots the next one is bananas you need to have at least one banana once in three days that improve the sperm motility and of course the quality of spoons remember to have bananas once in three DS third one is I already told you tomatoes it has lycopene content which helps the sperm motility production of sperms and also quality of sperms having tomato in your vegetables regularly having raw tomatoes every night one every one tenant they also will help you so that's with tomato now a very common thing with zinc deficiency found in lot of men now zinc usually can be taken from any medication with multi window or multi vitamin tablets but lot of zinc you get from beads you need to get a more creative so that you don't get bored of needs you can have different types of vegetables you can make it in different ways just so that you have at least twice in week beans vegetable of subji the next one has already said you'd acquire zinc but along with thing you also require vitamin E and nothing like it when combined you get any nuts to get in almonds you get in walnuts you get in cashews but the main ones to keep here all almonds have around for almost every night before see and will feel the difference in the sperm count gradually now you might have noticed that if you easy to dr. common amino acid prescribed for you is l-arginine l-arginine is proven to help increase the motility and quality of spots a lot of l-arginine is available in dark chocolates those of you who can eat bitter chocolates they can substitute l-arginine tablets with directly with dark chocolates having a dark chocolate every alternate day bar of a chocolate can help you increase the spunk um drastically within three months itself of course dark chocolate also helps you with your performance and makes you more active so that is an added bonus to it the next one is meat you can have chicken you can have red meat proteins is surely going to help with the sperm production and which surely power long way in improving the quality of sperms another super fruit which helps in a lot of other processes in your body along with sperm production of pomegranate have every alternate day one pomegranate will surely help increase the motility and the zinc or a lot of other minerals which are available in pomegranate can help you increase the production of spots so one of the most important fruit to help with the sperm production and quality of sperm is a Mogan it the next most important nut is walnuts now walnuts have two important ingredients one is omega-3 fatty acids and L arginine amino acid both of this is going to help you with your production of spoons it increases blood supply to testicles so the production increases and the count increases faster so much and of course walnut has around three times of l-arginine and omega-3 fatty acids there other nuts so remember is having walnuts of around three to four whole walnuts every night so that is a general prescription we tell our patients and the next one are X now X have vitamin b12 have good proteins also have a lot of other amino acids which can help you increase the sperm count this is medially to increase the sperm count or if the count is very low to boost up the production of sports so these are the main constituents or food tips which you can follow right from today onwards to increase your sports go through the video again if required note down what tips what I have told you because these are the tips which are tried and tested and helped a lot of our main patients of course after around three months it still there is a problem with the sperm count well in clinic is always there to help you increase the sperm count but without any medication if you want to do it total naturally you can surely depend on these two one tactics if you like the video do remember to subscribe to this channel and share the video for your friends I come out with such tips regularly so it can help you and benefit you so see you til the next episode bye and take care you [Music]