How To Make A Boobytrap Tripwire Trigger Board


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hey what's up guys welcome back now in a previous video I showed you how we can take those little party poppers and convert them into an extremely powerful confetti cartridge these are basically just water bottles charged with hydroxy gas packed tight with colored dots punched out of construction paper and held in place with fire resistant party streamers I got from the dollar store if we try touching an open flame to the stream or you can see it really doesn't burn and that's good because we're going to have a live match going off inside of there you can see that no matter what direction the bottle is in for the most part the confetti stays near the top and that's what we want now for this video I thought it'd be fun to make a trip wire trigger board for setting these things off remotely or safely from a distance this is the basic idea of how our trip wire trigger board is going to work simply remove the safety switch position the trigger any direction you want when this switch gets tripped that's when all the fun begin it's quite a bit easier to make that it look so let's dive right in and I'll show you how for our booby trap mounting board I went to the hardware store and found a scrap piece of pine common board and cut it so it's eight inches long and five inches tall now if you want to get fancy just throw it on your wood router and route the edges that give it a really clean and professional look and if you want to go the extra mile you can even give it a camouflage paint job that just makes it look really clean and professional wherever you put it now for functionality I'm going to start off with our lantern battery I'm going to place it right in the center of the board here but before we secure this in place it's a good idea to take our trigger mechanism and make sure that there's enough clearance to clear that lantern battery because this will give us the option to place it down up or even sideways depending on what setting and what you were going to use it for aside from that we're bringing back the hydrogen generator to split water into hydrogen oxygen gas filling up a water bottle and mounting all these components to this board let's go ahead and put it all together now now you're going to need some kind of an insulated copper cord I just went down to the thrift store and bought a cell phone charger for about a dollar cut the head off split it down the center and just like that we've got two insulated copper wires that would be perfect for this project okay that looks preety awesome using one of the bottle caps I'm going to rig up a system that allow us to easily swap out igniters so this system we're reusable and you won't have to keep hot gluing igniters and every time you use it the way to do that is to poke a small hole through the cap run both wires and then hot glue it from both sides and we're going to hot glue the wires as well so they keep a little bit of a distance from each other and they don't accidentally short out inside the bottle I'm also going to be using some of these homemade igniters we made it in one of our rocket projects that use the match and one thin wire tonight with electricity and all triggered by one of these clothes pin tripwire mechanisms that will show you how to make another future project so theoretically this is how the system is going to work we've got a six volt lantern battery that can set off a match by itself but we've rigged it up with the circuitry so that our two broken circuits as long as the circuit is open there's no way that match can light but once we close that the only switch left waiting to be activated is the clothespin when the centerpiece gets pulled out these electrical contacts will slam shut shooting electricity through the igniter which will flare up light off the gas and make a surprisingly powerful explosion which will make a huge mess that somebody's going to have to clean up now if you've ever used a firearm you know there's a safety feature that will block you from pulling the trigger prematurely in the same respect I've added a safety feature to this where a pin has to be pulled out first before you can actually initiate the trip wire from here all we have to do is remove the cap insert the igniter set it in the system and it's pretty much charged and ready to go at that point so now that we've got this beautiful contraption built there's a lot of different ways that we can integrate in fact the imagination is probably your only limitation you could use it anywhere one of these worked up in a break room works great for pranking one of your fellow employees ring this contraption through the microwave hide it in the wastebasket and when they go to grab their lunch they're going to be in for a majors another idea is to mount this contraption on the doorframe in the bathroom or some other room that doesn't get used very often use something like double sided sticky tape to stick it to the wall rig the fishing line to the back of the door and very carefully set the trigger the next time someone walks through that door unsuspectingly they're probably gonna end up making a huge mess of their own guys its important to remember this is actually a really really dangerous project these are not the kind of pranks you want to play on your coworkers these are more of the kind of jump scare prank you'd play on me but this concept could easily be adapted to make a trip wire alarm an airsoft grenade you could use this system to light fireworks safely from a distance or even make a zombie perimeter breach so you get a heads up on when they're coming so there you have it guys that's how to make a booby-trapped tripwire trigger board stay safe and I'll see you in the next project video talk to you then. 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