How To Make A Palm Leaf Headband


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Hey, what's up guys I brought you out to the islands of Hawaii to show you a cool little trick I learned from my friends the polynesians on how to turn leaves from a palm tree into a cool Hawaiian headband Let's jump right in. now for this project We're gonna need to grab three of the leaves off of a palm tree. So check the branches, look for ones that are green all the way down We don't want them to be rotted and now if you just reach up, and you grab beside one of them Just give it a little tug, and it will start stripping away And you can keep pulling until it breaks off all three of them very cleanly just like that Each one of these palm leaves has a very rigid point at the top It's all part of one branch these three different stems Just came off in one go and if you hold them in your hand like this, you can be a little Hawaiian Wolverine Gah! We want to have all the ridges pointed upward so hold them also the ridges are facing up. Going to take these two outer leaves And roll them Outward I'm going to fold them so that they make an x with the right leaf on the top and it should make a little V Pattern on the inside with the top kinds of leaves They're going to take the bottom one and we're going to line it up With the leaf on the left the tines should be facing the same direction and holding them in place We're just going to roll that leaf inward but then we're going to lift it up and bring it on top and Set it down over that middle leaf it should look something like that then from there We're going to take this outside leaf, and we're going to roll it in gently and twist it back the other way like that So left to right right to left just gently rolling those leaves inward, so from here We're just going to repeat that process all the way down the entire length of these palm leaves if you give this little tug You can see how it tightens that up, every now and then you might want to stop and just make sure everything is firm Taking the outside leaves rolling them in and then placing them on top Now that one you can see I actually pinched it I didn't roll it properly but if you use your finger to press the back you can use your finger as a form to roll the leaf first and Then you can place it over top, and it makes a cool rounded shape instead of being pinched off You can see how that's already starting to form a nice little headband shape at this point You can see it's just About big enough to fit my head so all we have to do is tie these off and finish it up Now tying off the LeI is pretty simple We're just going to gather up all the palm leaves in the same Direction here wrap it around our fingers And then we're just going to pull it through like a simple overhand knot You don't want to pinch it too hard, or it'll break but just work the knot down until it's secure now look for the hole at the base of the branch and take the knot and Just push it [straight] through And we can use this now to size the [lay] to our heads By putting it on our heads and just figuring out the size that we want And when it feels like it's sized correctly just take it off Take the knot and just tuck it inside one of these folds like so And that's it now just go through and give your lay a little tug to work out any of the gaps And it's finished and ready to go on your head Now these headbands don't really serve any practical purpose But they're cool to make for the kids or cool to wear, if you're going to be stranded on an Island You got to have something to do, that's a really fun thing to do so make yourself a headband They're really easy and if you don't have any palm leaves maybe go down to the store and get some long poster board you can cut it into strips, I'm sure it will fold together a very similar way, you can make yourself a little paper Hawaiian headband How about that and if you're stranded on a desert island what else do you have to do beside weave Palm leaves together? Maybe you can make yourself some coconut husk rope. I'll show you how to do that in another project video So there you have it guys a cool little trick for turning palm tree leaves into cool, Hawaiian headbands Thanks so much for joining me for this experiment. I'll be looking for you the next one. Talk to you then! I'm like a Hawaiian Wolverine.