How To Make Lettuce Salad Foodcom

hi hi Martha Elliot welcome to my show I'm a chef and educator and a perfectionist and I'm here to teach the world the cooking basics lettuce salads are great but they're also pretty tricky and unfortunately people are rushing into creating them with absolutely no training today we're going to take a step back and learn the proper technique for a perfect lettuce salad now this is a standard iceberg lettuce so beware it's ugly stem when you place it on your cutting board make sure the ugly stem points out to the side with your non knife hand grasp your lettuce firmly with your knife hand pick up your knife rest the blade at the bottom of the lettuce begin to apply downward force cutting through the lettuce and removing the ugly stem from the head remove any inappropriate outer leaves set them aside for compost or you can feed them to your pets if you have any and save on your pet food bill that's thrifty ok next cut the head in half then have your halves now you have four tiny halves or what we chefs like to call quarters using the same knife techniques cut these pieces into smaller pieces this is what we call sixty fourths I know I've mentioned him a few times but I think it's important to point out that my cousin Ross and I don't always see eye-to-eye he thinks it's inappropriate for a rodent to be in the kitchen but I happen to know that he doesn't use shampoo because he's afraid it'll give him Alzheimer's so who's really the gross one now transfer your sixty-fourth into a colander and wash them under cold water if you need help consult my previous videos for proper sink usage transfer your lettuce from your colander to your salad spinner and spin if you prefer you can just hand dry them it may take longer but it's worth it last one and complete put your lettuce in a bowl for presentation and serving once you've mastered this recipe you can go ahead and try your hand at other lettuces some people even try and dress up their salads with other vegetables oil and vinegar and meats and cheeses but I say why not just make a sandwich Ross and there you go a perfect lettuce salad made correctly thanks for tuning in and remember never take for granted the cooking basics all these recipes come from food comm where users are encouraged to leave comments let's see if we can find a few good ones oh that's not very positive Missy Elliott one two three I like your music but I don't like your comments I can't believe you stole this recipe from Rachael Ray L'Amour Asst listen this recipe has been around for ages and ages it's been passed down from my grandfather to my dad to me Rachael Ray wasn't even alive hey here's an idea post your comment on this video and let me know what you think of lettuce salads in a positive way