How To Make Tea The Turkish Way

hello everyone this is Sanofi from Turkey I'm a professional tour guide in Istanbul and today I'm gonna show you how to make a Turkish tea the Turkish way follow me to the kitchen first of all I'd like to tell you what do you need to make a Turkish tea we have a cooktop in here and then we have two cups this is very important you need if you wanted making sure you go Turkish tea you need two cups the one cup doesn't work well so that's better to make it 2 cups now I'm gonna pull the water here that you can see look at you yes enough water I put and now I'm going to put on the cooktop and I'm firing it you can see it came out but it is too much fire coming biggest if you want to make a good food or tea you should make lesser fire underneath take how much the boiling it takes it gets better taste that I'm getting it down you can look at actually look I'm getting it as as low as possible so this would be very nice after this one so you can see that we have I have another cup which there is nothing inside I'm just leaving this one honest after it's going to boil I'll show you how to add loose-leaf inside of oh I think it's spoiled you can see this thing comes out if you don't have like that hole nothing whether it comes out from the other side you can look at inside please do the bubbles coming out so let it bubble a little bit that's better forward to make a good tea so I'm taking it off you can see here I put in here so be careful not to burn yourself now it is time to put the low fleet now I guess this is loose-leaf that you can see it's a black rose leaf so there are lots of different kind of tea in the world what we hate they have green tea yellow tea and many others be here is for Turkey they use black tea it grows all on Turkey on the Black Sea coast so I have four family members now I'm going to put four spoon blues leaf in my up cup you can put as much as you want because we have another cop in here so it means you can have according to your preference you can have dark or light any kind you want any type you want yeah no I'm putting the other side please careful in here I'm taking this boiled water and in here you can see loose-leaf in here please check it out you can see Rostov inside just hiding the water inside in here and you can see I am not moving the water when it's putting it has to be just from one direction that they they loose Leafs should floats on the water because he loose Leafs comes up well that's enough for my family so I'm it's not finished yet so I'm putting it back in here you can if you like you can add I don't need to add more water but if you want you can add more water over there if you have many people you can have more water and wait it well now I'm putting this one you can see the loose Leafs doesn't settle so they are veiling over then I brought in on that so I'm putting up here now the the fire coming up again heating and boiling keeping boil again over there so in that way that you can help it's gonna be settled down I think all tea is ready let's check it out oh yes now we can see when we put that the first time they loose leaves they were floating on the hot water but at the moment it is not floating they are settled now it means it is ready to drink no so I'm just you can see oh it's coming okay this we have this most of the Turkish people they drink tea is this way it is very customer that is D these glasses are special made in Turkey and if I like to tell it is best to drink tea with these cups they are so nice and very thin amount they have any drink you can feel it so nicely according to your preference you can drink dark or light see I don't eat it sugar when I drink so I put in a funny way and my cameraman is it allows sugar and light so see I'm gonna put in my my glass as dark as possible see oh I think it is okay I want to sleep tonight that's why it's enough a quick egg bottom that is my team they are letting my cameraman a little bit because he likes that way and then I think motor only you can see this is how different colors that we have this is dark as lights according to your preference you can add sugar my camera loves to sugar so I had two sugars over there you can see but what I love instead of sugar I love baklava which is Turkish back-loaded kiss me she goes very nice sweet Buffalo Turkish back table let's try it thank you for watching