How To Make a Fish On A Stick Toy Cool Palm Leaf Craft


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Hey guys, we are back at the Beach because for this video I'm going to show you how to turn a palm leaf into a cool little fishing toy that you can actually cast All you're going to need for this project is one single palm leaf you can see it kind of folds down in a V-shape with This hard yellow Ridge line if we follow that down far enough [we're] going to find it thins out and what we want to do is just take our nail And we want to actually peel this thing off Find the tip and slowly peel off that ridge line and if you pinch the leaves as you do you should be able to keep Them intact and just very gently pull that entire ridge line off of the leaf Make sure you're really gentle when you rip this off because we need the leaves and we are going to be using this later This thing's kind of like a little whip and that's great because that's pretty much We're going to be using it for in a minute Near the topic gets really flimsy and we don't really need that so you can go ahead and break it off But where it starts to get firm you want to loop that over into a circle And then just twist that back on itself three or four times is what that's going to do is it's going to hold the circle in position so that it won't unravel if you give it a little bit of a tug it'll start to tighten in on itself and That's what we're looking for right [there]. Just a little circle a little bit bigger than your thumb [alright] now Go ahead and set that to [the] [side] because now it's time to make our fish So now if you look at your palm leaf you're going to see it's been split into two different pieces Just go ahead and give it a tug to separate them because we're going to be using each of these Individually now what you're looking for is a palm leaf That's somewhere around an inch thick it doesn't have to be exact but somewhere around that size it can be perfect take your first leaf And put it straight into your palm, and then hold it in place with your thumb You want to see that there are a couple inches? overlapping Underneath your hand then take the leave and wrap it back in through [your] pointer finger and your middle finger and hold it in place And you also want to have a loop a couple inches tall now just do that same thing again make a loop bring it back hold it with your fingers and Then you can use your thumb to hold everything in place So we've essentially just made two loops and that is the end of step one Take the base of the second leaf and push it through the center circle But bring it to the outside of the first circle, and then pull it all the way through about a foot now We're going to do is we're going to weave in and out and in and out and to do that We're going to go inside this loop, and then we're going to go to the outside [of] the second loop We're going to bring it all the way around And we're going to go inside the first loop Pull it tight And you're going to see this [loops] [going] to want to pop off so hold that down with your middle finger Then bend the leaf around push it through the center and pull it through [all] [we] have to do now is pull these tight by slowly working individual leafs and what that's going to do is Eventually work itself down and do a cool little fish save one more little tug should tighten everything up and hold everything securely in place All right so our little fish is starting to look pretty good all we have to do is trim up his fins a little bit and put Them on a stick and we're just about done Now if you look at the palm leaves you can see that all the fibers run horizontally [and] if you pinch with your thumb, you can kind of dig into it and pull away And it will just follow that strand leaving a little bite mark out of the leaf do that a couple more times just Staggering where you pinch it and what you're ultimately going to be doing is trimming down the fins and give it a cool little fin effect For these inside fins. I like to start on the inside and just repeat that process [just] stagger. Where you make those cuts Boom just like [that] our little fishy is done So guys we got our fish we got our rod and all we have to do now is bring the two together Now to add the Rod just split the fins at the back and push through that little hole Until you can see the Rod poking through the tip of the fish's mouth Then you just want to pull all the way through until you see that little circle disappear into the fish's belly Now bend the stick back around and push it through the hole in the top [fin] Until it comes out the hole in the bottom fin And just give it a little tug and that puts your little fish on a stick These things make really cool toys for the kids because watch this you grab the rod at the bottom and give it a little flick You can cast your line and catch a fish just like that. How awesome is that? Then just push your rod back up to reset it and you can cast it again Now there's one more cool trick. You can do with these fish if you've made one of these headbands I showed you in another video Take the base of the stick and just push it down through the front and makes a cool little decoration for your kids If you look closely, it's kind of like he's got a fishing line coming right out of his mouth That's pretty cool and really simple to make So there you [have] it guys that's how to use one single [palm-leaf] to make a really cool Polynesian fishing toy Thanks so much for joining me for this experiment, and I'll be looking for you the next one. Talk to [you] then you