How To NEVER Be A Nice Guy AGAIN




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we've all heard of the nice guy you know the guy who always finishes last but what you didn't know is that many and I mean a ton of guys do little things every single day without even knowing it that make other men lose respect for them while making women far less attracted to them but that's all about to change because I'm about to give you six ways you can start living your everyday life that will completely transform you into a valuable man and squash every little bit of the nice height that you have inside of you so with that said let's get straight into it now first up number one and arguably the most important change that you can make is to own your physical looks and the truth is that confidence will almost always trump physical appearances you might be one of those guys with a weird shaped nose or maybe your eyes are too close together but if you're able to be confident despite those flaws these things that you currently view as negative will actually turn into little quirks that make girls and other people love you even more so don't spend too much time trying to change your physical appearance and instead focus on owning what you were born with and being confident and comfortable in your own skin number two demand respect in case you didn't know if you don't demand respect from other people then most people will not give it to you one of the biggest mistakes that guys were too nice make is altering their behavior in the wrong ways hoping to be liked rather than demanding to be respected when you interact with people especially other guys what do you think is going to work out better for you in the end on one hand you can behave in an overly nice timid kind of way and just hope to be liked or you can behave in a confident masculine way and demand a basic surface level of respect from other men it should be obvious that demanding respect from other men and women is going to work out much better for you than just hoping other people will like you number three start projecting a masculine vibe nice guys by definition are well too nice and what happens when you're too nice is that you're unknowingly projecting a weak vibe around other people one of the biggest mistakes that nice guys make all the time is projecting a vibe that is feminine or even just to neutral if being attractive to women is something that's important to you as it should be since you're a man you have to project a masculine vibe and it simply means to behave in a masculine way in your everyday life and while projecting a masculine vibe is super effective at making you far more attractive to women it is also insanely effective at making other men respect you more number four stay calm under pressure there will be situations your life where your ability to be smooth under pressure will be tested and how calm you are able to remain during these situations is a test of just how much of a nice guy you actually are if you remain calm and smooth under pressure whether it's a girl yelling at you or any other stressful situation then you will pass the test but if you crack too much and you start freaking out then it will be that much harder to squash the nice guy within yourself men you are high-value who are respected and who are regularly chased by women are those who don't give up or men who are driven to succeed so if you start something even something simple like following the tips in this video you will fail many times but as long as you stick with it sooner rather than later you will succeed and at this exact moment you will obtain all the rewards that you have rightfully earned that come with success on the flip side nice guys usually quit and give up after failing just once so don't be that guy number 6 create your own luck one of the biggest problems with guys who are too nice is they tend to sit around and wait for a lucky break and they usually believe that they will get lucky especially with girls if they just continue to be overly nice to everyone and this pretty much never works so instead of doing this to be a rare valuable man you have to get out there and create your own luck sure you can live your life like the nice guy waiting around for a girl or opportunity to approach you and if you're really lucky this might happen once in your lifetime but the far better choice is to simply create your own luck and this is done by getting out there and making a move whether it's approaching the girl that you like or we're taking the first step towards a dream that you have these are 6 of a ways to transform yourself into a rare valuable man who is regularly chased by women all around the world while squashing the nice guy within you so that you never have to be a nice guy again roughly 10 years ago I dreamed of owning and daily driving a Lamborghini and this dream has finally come true for me so if you like cars and you want to see what my life is like with the Lamborghini Guyardo be sure to check out my new car channel julio speed the link is in the description and with that said until next time thanks for watching