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[Music] as quickly and as fun and it's couture absolutely superb so guys welcome to this how to play like Messi episode now if you want to play like the magician we've got a learning strongpoints quick and as you guys know he's the best in the world with dribbling with the ball close to his body so how did he learn it and how are we going to learn it well to start off with you have to practice all the time in a tight area just keeping control of the ball so lousy little touches I'm going to demonstrate now so using both of your feet lousy little touches of closing your feet the better okay little touches left them right you know now so that's first of all we need to do keep controlling the ball work on getting that ball glued so that's face one keeping the ball blue to your foot once you've mastered that you're ready for Phase two what's phase two how'd you beat your opponent now it's not easy Messi doesn't use all the razzle and dazzle skills you don't need to he's got the best trick in the book which is how to drop his shoulder if you master that you don't need a little stepovers trust me so this how we doing the drop of the shoulder is classic Messi and if you guys really improve on it make sure you work on your balance coordination and your agility now I'm going to tell you guys a story about when I work with Ashley Cole he was planning his Lionel Messi two weeks later in the Champions League and I said to him ash how are you going to defend against Lionel Messi and he said well I'm the best left back in the world he's going to cut it so as it happens a week later I always feel when we're messy and I said Messi actually cuz he knows he knows that you are gonna cut in every time to me was it's not I mean he's control so close to his feet he can change directions just like when he twisted up Jerome Boateng and this is how it look searching for with real minutes here brilliant from Missy what a goddess [Applause] he likes to use it inside of his foot and get a slight bit of curl onto the ball the reason why it does is it was purely because that's his most accurate past now from crossing that can be deadly because he puts that ball in the corridor of uncertainty keeper can't come out for it defenders running back and often it leads to a goal I've never seen Jess I do a diving header before I live to see it all messy when he assists again let's move on to the free kick now when Messi takes a free kick he likes to use the inside of his foot that tells us that he's not going for power he's not going for a knuckleball technique he's going for placement and accuracy only across the post he's run ups are very short and also very side on most people take it from about here Messi side off coffee if you know it's messy like to run directly it's defenders what this does it force em to commit and that's when he makes his move now when he's taking his first touch always make sure you control support so guys we hope you enjoyed this learn how to play like Lionel Messi tutorial what we want to know from you guys is who do you want us to do next put your star player in a comment section below and we'll see if we can do it I never don't you so guys very so funny man alright yeah you go get the stars right yeah you got to get into the mines for a moment what bothered bothered