How To Promote Clickbank Products On Facebook For Free Working in 2020


Spiro Kovac


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hello everybody Spiro here from Spiricom and in today's video I'm going to teach you how to promote the Clickbank products on facebook for free in today's step-by-step tutorial step by step training I'm going to teach you how to use Facebook groups how to simply promote affiliate products from Clickbank and I'm gonna explain you which products gonna sell and which won't and how to choose the right one before we go into it I just wanna let you know that here at my channel we talked about how to make money online how to quit your 9 to 5 and then your freedom so if you want to learn more about it if you want to learn more about Clickbank and affiliate marketing in general make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don't miss any new videos and magas without further ado let's continue with this marketing tutorial as I said we are going to do this tutorial is through the five steps and in a first step we are going to register for Clickbank account to register for Clickbank all you have to do is click on this brown button in the top right corner and then it will take you to the create a page create an account page here you need to fill your information it will take you to through the couple of pages and if you get stuck or if you don't know how to register I have updated tutorial for 2020 that teaches you how to open a free clinic account and I'll leave the link in a constable so make sure you check that link if you get stuck don't forget if you register without tutorial don't forget to set up your payment method straight after straight after registration also I found out today that Brazilians have an issue with the cash out right now so I'm gonna find a solution for you guys if you from Brazil don't worry you can use this method to make money online and to promote Clickbank products and I'll post more about it in a next couple of days once you open an account and once you log into the Clickbank page you'll find yourself on this page here then you want to go on affiliate marketplace with this method it's very unlikely that we're gonna sell high ticket sales that we can sell high ticket product because we are going to use limit spammy methods which I don't recommend to do on a long even though this particular method can be applied on a long-term game but the way I'm going to show you today is more like for a quick sale quick profit I would recommend this video to someone who actually wants to prove that you can make money online quite easy we are going to find the product that is selling really well there has a higher gravity score and then we're going to find other affiliates how are they promoting it on Facebook and for example best products right now that are going our Fitness related in the fitness groups and make money online niche and maybe the easiest one law of attraction we are going to promote overnight success product because that's the one that is now booming and it's very very easy to find a content to promote it and it's you know you'll actually see I just want to give you a little bit more details so let's say we don't know which product we want to sell let's research it so you're going to go here and click on advanced search and then don't worry about keywords don't don't even worry about category what we're gonna do just put here like 50 results pages and then show items with the gravity higher than 45 for this matter and that has initial sale lower than $45 and then you can click click search and here will be products which are selling well as you can see this here Cinderella solution gravity 326 that means that at least 326 affiliate marketers has been successfully promoted this product within last 12 weeks that's amazing you know this sells that their sales page that sales pitch must be so good and it sells obviously great and an iPad as you can see here easiest Facebook affiliate sells guys this works on Facebook right now and everyone can do this okay let's go down because you see all these products which are kinda cheap and most of them are as you can see like in a weight loss and then remedies but we want to promote this one because that one particularly right now he's booming and I think it's gonna get even bigger gravity score is 197 the price is 28 60 that's a fair price so what we're gonna do now we want to get our link to promote so you gotta click here promote and then you're going to type your nickname which or if you logged in your nixon will be already in here and then we're gonna add a tracking ID and since we're gonna use a facebook free method you're gonna let facebook free and then here in a cosmic name you just type your nickname I'll just start nickname and generate hope link and then you can copy this link and just paste it in a notepad for now just give me a sec and now you have a link for this particular product and everyone who uses this link to get on a page and purchase the product you would earn a commission and you will also be able to check that it came from facebook free traffic source so why put it here Facebook free because that's the easiest ways to track what made yourself and you want to do as you start making sells you want to do more things that are you know bring yourself in and less things that doesn't work so you always want to track your ass want to be able to recognize which method is working better so you can you know optimize your efforts okay guys so this link here as you can see it's pretty ugly long link and looks really spammy and sketchy and I don't believe that anyone would click on this I personally would feel threatened and if I see a link like this so what we gonna do we need to shorten this link to shorten link you can use free shorten services like bitly or if you have a wordpress website you can use WordPress plug-in called pretty links if you don't know how to set it up make sure you check the video abbo I'm gonna leave a link to video in which I'm showing you how to create the pretty links it's extremely simple so if you have a WordPress website that's what I would recommend to you know make a shortened URL with your own like a platform so you have a control over it but let's say in this particular case you don't have a website and you don't know how to set it up so you're gonna do it with the free method we're gonna copy this and we're gonna jump on bitly and then bitly is a free tool all you will have to do is register for a free account and then just click here create and then here paste long URL and it will give you this edit bit link kind of page where you can either title it doesn't actually matter and here down you can make a pretty link and here you want to you want your pretty link to sound I like something that you're actually promoting and we are promoting overnight success and we're gonna make it just succeed in 2020 if the link is available overnight millionaire system and let's guys it now click just say and copy your link and as you can see the difference between these two links it looks much better and that brings us to the step number three in a third step we are supposed to create something which is called Facebook bridge page and that's actually a page that you're that you're gonna send your Facebook post to go and that page should educate people and then redirect them into to offer and I've seen a lot of people that are you know teaching this method even though it's simple method they they just don't do it professional enough and it really looks sketchy and spammy and I wouldn't buy and that's the reason why I went extra mile just let me fix the camera that's reason why I went extra mile and I created a custom blog tutorial blog is Google service it's a free service for blogs so go to blog and just log in with your Google account and then go over here and start a new blog and then just call your blog whatever you want like we are promoting a program that is called overnight millionaire mind hex yeah just just find some slug find some URL that is available and then select any team and click create blog and then guys I will leave this as a second link down below in description of this video and it's a link to my code pan I've called a custom team for all my visitors for all my subscribers in which I've already optimized this team this particular team for this offer and it's mobile optimized it's gonna work perfectly fine and every phone is gonna work perfectly fine on a desktop computers and here on the left hand side you wanna add your link now you can see here scroll down underneath a little bit and all you have to do is you have to find this get access now let this button and you have to add link where it says link here so you see here h-half and then says link here this area you need to edit and you need to add your link so here is your link just copy paste that link in here and then copy paste the whole thing and go back to blogger and now look this trick here on a blogger where it says hashtag all posts in the URL just insta-tox all posts right template HTML Tem pl8 ee HTML and we will load the HTML editor in this editor we want to paste this here done for you affiliate marketing bridge page so select all control all and paste your new page into it and click safety and as you save click here on a view block and this is how your blog post looks like and if you click now on a get access look guys it takes you to your affiliate offer it looks beautiful it's clean and it doesn't lose cami it's not something like I believe this looks really great and representative and it's fully for free we clearly clean bank account we found a product that we want to promote our already optimized this landing page for you then we create a Facebook friendly brick bridge page using a blogspot which I don't think that anyone ever made before me I think I'm the first one who did this now we're gonna look for Facebook groups that are related to the content that we want to promote so this particular program overnight success it's a law of attraction program and I'm gonna search for law of attraction group so or you're gonna just go on your Facebook and search for law of attraction and then click on groups and as you as you can see I already joined the first group which is just random group that was on the top as you joined the group all you want to do now is go to the Google and search for something like manifest wealth and you will find hundreds of different posts look this the law of attraction for wealth you can take this post here this particular one you can open it in a new tab save it on a save it save it on your desktop call it picture one go back to your page go back to a post go over here at the photo upload that photo in here and then I also prepared for you what you're gonna write to them and here is a simple script for your this software all you need to do is enter your link here so just paste your link in here and publish I'm not gonna publish because this is a public group and I kind of consider this celebrity's premiere technique but guys trust me if you keep doing this there is no doubt you're gonna start making sales or I guys before I knock off before we finish with this I want to give you a couple of guidelines a couple of advices that will maximize your sales let me explain it with the group's Facebook groups so we have public groups and we have a private groups when you join the private group and when you create a post it's a gonna reach more people from that particular private group and at the same time if you post on a public group and people interact with your post on the public group then people other people friends of the people that reacted if they're interested in the same talking to see your offer as well and they might not have been they might haven't been a member of the of that same group so the posts in a public group if you make a track to post like for example this one I'm going to a wealthy twenty20 type yes to affirm it has 89 comments and 2 shares and then if you check up here it has someone's affiliate link if you if you scroll down you'll find more and more images like this look at this one I will receive a big amount of abundance wealth health and love in next 72 hours type yes to claim this energy and look guys this these are those call to action kind of things and people are sharing these people are liking this commenting on this and then actually you know spread the message people just randomly gonna click here it's amazing sales page and look this guy look that's what I was saying look at this page here this is just a picture and it doesn't have a pre-sale this is like a basic way and using Webley a basic way to promote the same thing now look our landing page and look their language page would you rather buy for or purchase from this page or from that one but doesn't matter but this doesn't matter anyway let's continue with this so you can see this guy here is definitely making itself more he posts there is a higher chance that it's gonna go viral again look at this 117 comments 30 likes to share your time confirm look type es to affirm 133 comments 15 shares it means that 15 people that liked and commented have shared this on their Facebook wall and guys that's a big deal because it reach a lot of people and as it reach more people there it's more likely that someone gonna purchase that's the way this method works and I hope you found this useful if you did so make sure you smash that like make sure you comment in description below because that helps this video reach more people also subscribe hit notification bell because you don't want to miss tomorrow is coming another clipping tutorial tomorrow is coming another affiliate tutorial you don't want to miss it I'll do my best for my audience thanks for watching I'll see you again Cheers oh yeah make sure you check the cards on right hand side where I leave something really good for you so good