How To Read a Digital Book by ScreenSharing on Zoom

hi everyone its DC you Kensi this video is to show you how to read a book to your book buddy / zoom if you don't have access to any children's books at home we have a digital library for you to use the first place you need to go is to TLC ba org slash children's ministry once you're there you'll come down to where you see the book buddy logo and under it you can see the free library of digital children's books click on that link and it'll take you to the jr. library guilds website more than likely your book buddy will be an elementary student so we're gonna click right here where it says elementary stream and that will take you to a bookshelf a digital bookshelf of all sorts of different books that you can read to your book buddy now when choosing a book you can choose whatever you want but you want one that says read rather than play the ones that say play are recording so we're gonna I'm just gonna choose down to the stay with mr. Mickey and click read you'll get a description there so you can see what the books are about if you don't like it you can choose another one but this looks fine so I'll click read and now it'll take me to the page where I can actually see the pictures in the words of the book kind of like it's a book that's in my hands so over here you can see cover page title page all that stuff we're gonna go to begin reading and it'll take you as if you've opened up the book so you can see all of the pictures that are included and the words to read to your book buddy so now you need to go to your zoom app and schedule a meeting if you haven't already done that with your book buddy so I'm gonna click this schedule button and I'm gonna call it book buddy meeting and let's pretend it's gonna be today sure 6 p.m. you can change that to whatever time you and your book buddy decide you can either require a meeting password or not I always do because it's just a little bit safer make sure the video is on and your audio is on and then you'll click schedule now it's gonna want to put it on your calendar for now I'm not going to do that because it really matter for this video so now when you go back to your zoom homepage you'll see you're meeting there or it'll be over in your meetings tab so to copy the invitation to send to your book buddy you're gonna click on the meetings tab find your meeting and just hit this copy invitation button you can also do it on the home page by hitting these three dots there and hit copy invitation now you're gonna want to go to a webpage and open up your email as if you're gonna send an email to your book buddies email address call it whatever you want and then you'll just right click and hit paste and there it is you can see the link to your zoom meeting right there so your book buddy you can just click and join when it becomes time or type in that meeting ID and password so now let's pretend like it's time for our zoom meeting so I'm gonna go back to my zoom homepage and I'm gonna say that I want to start my book buddy meeting and so I'll click start and it will start the meeting now right now I have my video off but you'll be able to see your picture here if you click start video and make sure you're unmuted so you can talk to your book buddy and you'll be able to see your book buddy as well once they've joined the meeting you're gonna want to share your screen in order to read digitally to them so we're gonna click share screen and it's gonna pull up all of your internet tabs so you're gonna want to go to the one that has the book on it and now you can see your screen and your book buddy can see your screen you can scroll down and read the book to them they can see the pictures while you read when you're done you'll hit this stop share button and it'll take you back to your zoom meeting where you can talk to them and pray with them and encourage one another until your next zoom meeting