How To Use Transit Directions in Google Earth

hello learning birdies this is mr. beat with the fourth video about the basics of Google Earth in this video we're going to learn how to give directions through the transit system meaning if you don't have a car you can actually drive if you don't want to walk you don't want to bike how do you get around this is particularly useful obviously in a city so we're going to look at three cities in this video the first city is the happiest place on earth and that's Wichita Kansas of course so you go up here to the upper left-hand corner type in search make sure you type it in correctly Wichita Kansas there we are the happiest city on earth click search it's going to zoom right in there you have it now how do you get around without owning a car if you don't want to bike or walk well you do the standard get directions first so you're going to click the get directions button here you still have a and B so let's say that you want to get from McConnell Air Force Base that's the baby Air Force Base in town and you want to go to the mall after work so you work at McConnell Air Force Base you want to check out some shopping in town west mall and you click get directions first thing I automatically shows up is the quickest way to drive there it gives you three total routes suggested the quickest way in to the ways that are different and a little bit longer you want to go up here and click on what appears to be the butts click on that and this is actually the bus route now you do have to walk a little bit takes you step-by-step so first of all from Connell Air Force Base you walk over a 30 first Street in Oliver and that's where you catch the 18 bus towards transit information center to speak in English that's an exchange their you take the one toward central park until you get to maple and Nevada and blue you're there 10 west mall it took you an hour and 12 minutes as opposed to driving there which took you 14 minutes now you can see why people prefer to own a car in Wichita let's do a second location click history to clear that it's going to zoom out a little bit we're going to go to the east coast and we're going to type in New York City that's a New York yep click search it's going to take us there we're going to look at a different environment for getting around without a car most people get around this way if they don't have a car and that is using the subway system so say you want to get from the Lower East Side type in Lower East Side to Times Square click get directions first of all it's going to show you the short drive such a short drive 4.1 miles and then another way to drive there 18 minutes 19 minutes Orion can take the Transitway by taking this an inline subway click on the transit button again and he'll take you step-by-step how to get there even how long it will take starting at the Lower East Side you walk over to Essex Street take the n subway towards forest hills 71st Avenue and then the last stop before destination is thirty-fourth Street herald square at forty-second Street Bryant Park you walk over to Times Square there you go how about another type of City on the opposite coast click history zooms out there we're going to go ahead and go to Los Angeles as they constantly remind you the City of Angels click search it's going to zoom the apt to los angeles in los angeles you're trying to get from Hollywood to Disneyland it automatically shows you how to get there by car of course because now we're in Los Angeles but you see it takes 47 minutes to drive there oh my goodness is there another way to get there quicker well probably not here's to other reps you could take that are even longer but click on the transit button and now you can see it's going to take you two hours and 59 minutes and that is by taking the gold bus system so here it is step by step you can see how much further it goes out of the way to get where you need to go here and that is a big reason why Los Angeles is so spread out that's it for transit in the next video we're going to tour the world and look at some cool places you can visit on Google Earth thanks for watching and learning birdies until next time