How Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Should Have Ended


How It Should Have Ended



How Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Should Have Ended Autobots... Megatron has got Sam trapped inside that warehouse Now I know your first instinct is going to be to stay here and let me go in and fight everyone by myself but what did I tell you... Everyone fights together.. That's right. We all fight together. Is everybody ready? Ready.. I'm serious now.. I don't wanna find myself alone in the woods fighting 4 or 5 Decepticons to turn around and see you guys hiding in the bushes just waiting to see what happens Everyone fights together, right? Right Let's roll out. I can't believe Optimus is dead. If only we had another shard of the AllSpark like the one that was stolen and used to resurrect Megatron. I've had this one in my purse almost the whole time.. I said we all fight together! I'm just saying if you can only be beaten by a prime and I just killed Optimus Prime earlier.. Then technically that makes me more powerful than you, doesn't it? No... That doesn't make.. ehhh.. No!! Really?? Ahhh...... At last, we'll have revenge, right? for him marched near I'm.. I'm the leader You know? Yea... We're done here. Ah, come on man! (Growling) Man, Decepticons are so wrong. Yeah I'm glad we Autobots 'cause we never do anything offensive. (growling) Ironite! Sir, get to Optimus! He will protect you. How 'bout you transform into a car and lickety split me over there instead? I don't understand. Are you kidding? You're all cars and you're making me run on foot through the middle of a war zone!! Ohhh! That's true. You're right.. Here, take my parts and you will become the greatest Autobot that everyone wishes you to be. Fulfill your destiny! Aw yeah!! That's what I'm talkin' about! (Music) You got style!! Yea!! Yea!! (Music) Target acquired. Fire. Kitten calendar, kitten calendar, kitten calendar.