How Well Do You Remember The Ministry Of Darkness

[Applause] hello there everybody my name is Adam Cleary and welcome back to the watt culture quiz wonder dome take a good hard look at the Undertaker now and it is slightly hard to believe that he was once the most terrifying thing in all of professional wrestling like for real there was a kid in my school who whenever he would come round to watch wrestling with us had to leave the room when the Undertaker was on because his mom didn't like him watching him I mean unprotected chair shots to the head deep deep bleeding and Deborah's tits all fine apparently but a goth in a robe was where mrs. Kunal tea would draw the line odd anyway though don't let that weird childhood anecdote a giveaway how old I actually am or be distracted from the fact that the Ministry of darkness were really really cool I mean not stable it gave us a slew of great matches or anything but one of the best bits of character work the company has arguably ever done the only question is though how much do you remember about the Ministry of darkness well no actually that's not the only question is that I've got 10 questions for you to answer about the Ministry of darkness you know the drill I give you I'll give you some options every 10 seconds you can come up with answers yourselves and record your own score because my name is Alan Cleary and this is our Ministry of darkness quiz good quiz alright to get us started we're gonna take you back to the Ministry of darkness this formation - there I'll tell you what i want what i really really want moment and ask you with whom did the undertaker reunite to form the ministry of darkness was it a kane B Paul Bearer C brother love or D jake the snake' roberts start the clock [Music] time is up and the correct answer to what I must admit is the easiest question here by an absolute god damn Islands of course Paul Bearer yes daddy of whatever it was he used to call him he got that one wrong this is gonna be a very long quiz for you not long after that in fact in the very same year WWF removed the Undertaker from television for about a month after he tried to embalm Steve Austin while he was while he was still alive while the undead dude with the mystical powers tried to embalm the living Stone Cold Steve Austin on television but no no no you're right you're right flips her flips are unrealistic anyway how did they write him off TV that's the question was he a buried alive be kidnapped by druids see locked in a casket or did he just straight-up quit time's up and to be completely honest with you it could be any single one of those I think they all happened at some point I got this wrong when I did the quiz but the correct answer was of course he was buried alive not by love sadly by Steve Austin and Kane so yes the big lad then spent a solid month off television before returning to finally start the ministry proper but when he came back eagle-eyed viewers noticed this something had changed about his appearance he looked spookiest somehow but what had he done had he a shaved his head and grown a mohawk be begun dressing as a biker see grown a goatee or deep started wearing a ghoulish mask all terrifying I'm sure you'll agree but which one is it but I ask it time up and the correct answer which if you don't know is actually quite easy to work out because it's the only one of those options which is actually scary is that he grew out a goatee which as we all know is the scariest form of facial hair hmm yeah go on take your point cough right so ok serious ministry stuff now the undertaker returns and he's got all his hopes and his dreams and his big scary aspirations and even bigger even scarier symbols and kidnap somebody and brainwashes them into being a part of the ministry during his return ceremony but who was it was it a Mabel be Dennis Knight see Stephanie McMahon or Dee Bradshaw that means your time up and while he did technically brainwash two of these only definitely definitely kidnapped a third the answer we were looking for was Dennis Knight yes who we rechristened Midian you seen all all pretty much makes sense now one year later naked Midian came along which I mean is admittedly more than I've ever done with my life all right to the ministries now this big deal if the Undertaker its Poor Bear its Midian its viscera its Farooq a branch or the acolytes and it's sort of the brood I could never work out whether they were just like in the ministry or just all this Goths hanging out together because that's what what Goths do isn't it anyway they have this big overarching objective they went right after Vince McMahon for one very important reason but what was it did they want revenge for all of McMahon's heinous actions did they want McMahon to grant taker at WWF championship match did they want to take over the WWE or did they want to brainwash him into joining the ministry [Music] time is up and group of men seeks to punish Vince McMahon please give reasons could be the most open-ended question I ever ever asked but the actual answer is C they wanted to take the place over they wanted to run the WWF for reasons all right slightly weird one now and at the very height of all this during a feud another superstar kept breaking kayfabe and refer to the Undertaker by his real name ironically of course is Mark he kept say he was going too far as the gimmick and he was getting too involved with the character it was very strange but who was it was it a Vince McMahon be the rock see mankind or D Ken Shamrock ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding it was of course Ryan shamrocks brother Kenneth shamrock nobody remembers Ryan shamrock today she was one of those forgotten attitude er things you undertake actually sacrifice her and called her a during all of this but nobody remembers that because of Stephanie McMahon she was there she was the bigger deal I remember though I remember Ryan shamrock moving on don't worry everybody we're nearly there and in 1999 Smackdown finally arrived on all of our wrestling screens and on the very first episode of the pilot episode as I think some of you call it the ministry were involved in a monumental angle one of the biggest things the company had ever seen but my question to you is obviously what was it was it the return of the Brothers of Destruction the reveal of the higher power the formation of the corporate ministry or the dark wedding ceremony proper goth moods all four of them but your time starts now time is up and I'm just going to hold my hands up here and say that I worked myself into a total chute telling the author of this quiz that all of these answers are wrong because none of that actually happened on the first episode of SmackDown but no apparently to me who is the dickhead and the correct answer is the formation of the corporate ministry bloody hell remember that the higher power thing would follow subsequently later son of a bitch is now the corporate ministry an absolute pack of bastards if I've ever seen one in my entire life but their membership thing was a little bit a little bit weird wasn't it there was people in the corporation who weren't technically part of it and people in the ministry who weren't technically part of it and also people who were in the corporate ministry who weren't technically part three of the corporation or the ministry so my question the real brain tickler i've got for you here is which of the following was not an official member according to w e of the corporate ministry was it a the big bossman be viscera c test or D all of the Mean Street posse time is up and those are four technically six large who for very very different reasons you would never want to invite to a house party in this day and age but the correct answer is test yes test of all people which means Joey ABS Rodney and Pete gas were technically part of the ministry in a sort of subset joined on kinda way that's another one to bring up the next time people tell you that wrestling isn't realistic cuz the do flips now this whole ministry angle in my humble opinion peaked when the Undertaker recaptured the WWF Championship for the third time indeed everything the whole point of the ministry was to build the Undertaker to reclaim that fell from Stone Cold Steve Austin see that I was gonna ask who he won for it no I'm actually going to ask who counted the pinfall in that match when he won the title for the third time was it a mankind B Shane McMahon see Vince McMahon or D Commissioner Shawn Michaels [Music] all right so story time Shane booked the match between the Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin as his first official act as the leader of the corporate ministry but Commissioner Shawn Michaels inserted another referee into that match and that man was of course Vince McMahon and then during a big hoo-ha in the middle of the match itself Shane McMahon counted the pinfall and that was of course part of the story was a little fast count cuz he's a little little bastard isn't ya Mick Foley wasn't involved at all just threw him in there because it's my quiz and a yes are just getting one from the air from the producer here what's that a convoluted takeover angle in which an unlikely alliance is formed but just degenerates into McMahon family drama with the same main event is at the top of the card as were there before the whole thing started yeah you're right that's what a novel idea and here we are now guys effectively the death of the ministry also sad and also of course the death of this quiz are also suicide after failing to recapture the WWF title again after he'd lost it after that we've skipped a bit here after he lost it he failed the recapture again and thus failed to save the corporate ministry what did the Undertaker do next which effectively signaled the death of the group dan what my hands are doing did he quit and return as a biker did he reunite with came did he form an alliance with the big show or did he just shave his head [Music] time is up and I mean technically yes he did do all of those eventually and they also of signify the death of the ministry in their own little particular ways but the one that officially rubber-stamp that the group was over was he formed an alliance with the big show the unholy alliance I believe they call it and wasn't it wasn't great that angle was it really but we did get Kane and x-pac tag-team run out of that which is one of my favorite things ever so we end on a happy note so there you have it guys that's the end of our quiz and wasn't that fun shut up yes it was I'm gonna set the pass mark at a stern but fair seven out of ten for this one any less and you have to start wearing a robe and some mascara anymore and you can start wearing a robe and some mascara but be pleased with yourself at the same time anyway thank you very much for watching don't forget to Like share and subscribe head over to watch icon for more brilliant quizzes like this every goddamn day but in the meantime thank you very much for watching of course with Alan Cleary and I will see you soon yes I'm aware I said damn wrong bye