How a Dress Inspired by Meghan Markle Made It to Broadway


Inside Edition


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the fashion styles of British royalty hit Broadway you find being a woman right now complicated right now extreme right here we are chat see let's go see the costume it was all the idea of Tony award-winning costume designer William Ivey long who invited me backstage at the Tony nominee the musical hood see that purple dress inspired by Megan Markel we call this the Megan Marco he was inspired by what Megan wore to her rehearsal dinner the night before she married Prince Harry see how similar they look this is an a symmetrical neckline then it's got an S symmetrical him and nothing is more iconic than the red sequined gown Dustin Hoffman wore in the original 1982 film it's been recreated for the stage here's Tootsie's read finale dress curtsy had many iconic images and the most beloved one is the red sequined dress so everyone wanted to make some nod to this iconic dress but it's Meghan Marcos royal flare that is helping bring Tootsie into modern times Megan Markel the lady of the moment the strong woman who has a sense of self long is also the man behind the costumes for another movie turns musical Beetlejuice It's Showtime those signature stripes Michael Keaton wore in the film look at this isn't that disgusting all this blood and look you'll see them on stage - Showtime I remember this famous Catherine O'Hara scene in the movie yes it's in the Broadway show as well I'm chefs for Inside Edition calm [Music]