How can autonomous vehicles save our roads part 2 QA


Tyler Ley


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in this video I'm gonna answer your questions about how autonomous vehicles can save our roads my name is Tyler Lai and I make these videos because I want to make our world a better place and I want to work with you to make it happen I've made a previous video a part 1 in essence about these concepts go and watch it now if you haven't seen it because some of the stuff I'm going to talk about might not make sense without it have you ever been driving with all bunch of trucks around you I have I feel trapped and anxious and nervous it just doesn't feel safe guess what the trucks they feel the same way about you they're professionals they're going trying to go from point A to point B as fast as they can in the best way possible and we all have to share the same roadway what if we could make the situation so much better and this concept is called the autonomous truck corridor to make this happen or the ATC for short so what is the ATC it's separating trucks from other vehicles also making them autonomous and electric here's an overview picture of it these trucks shown here they're autonomous this overhead power line actually powers the trucks and the trucks hook up to it with these connections these trucks already exist they're already out there this is possible let's make this happen there are tons of benefits you can get faster and more reliable deliveries longer-lasting roadways less traffic improved safety and of course less greenhouse gases tons of benefits go watch the other video for more information on these this is a collaborative project between my friends at Oklahoma State Penn State and UNC Charlotte look for the names in the notes below thank you so much for all of your help on this idea this was a team effort so why should we do this well what we're doing now is not working our roads are crumbling underneath this our freight needs are gonna go nothing but higher and higher and higher and we need to do something about it Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results if we just rebuild our roadways that's what's gonna happen but it's gonna happen at a much faster rate so why not develop a self-funding roadway that increases efficiency reduces traffic improve safety and reduces the impact on the environment now the most common question that I got from my viewers and it's a great one is Tyler why don't we just use trains trains are awesome I love them I think they're great our country though cannot rely on trains for several reasons one we are a very very spread out country we also have populations in lots and lots of different areas and all of those people even the smaller amounts of folks in smaller cities they still want their Amazon Prime they still want whatever goodies that they are getting sent to them that's important to them and that's why we need trucking in not only this country but tons and tons of others across the world this map shows the main freight delivery methods in the United States it's showing water truck and trains and it shows where they travel and the size of the line shows the volume of freight that is being delivered look at the truck it's all over this place it's spacious and there are many lines that are pretty thick all over the place but look at the trains there's certain regions of the country where trains are just much more dominant than ever let's look at this region here it's going from Wyoming to kind of the rest United States you know it's being hauled cold that's the Powder River Basin that's going from that location to power plants trains are awesome at point-to-point delivery they can haul things over long long distances especially heavy things and they can do it efficiently we need our rail and structure to be maintained used and even improved we need it it's important to us we need to even make it better the cost of building new track and the spacious right away needed for trains is a significant capital investment here's a case study here's the Northeast Corridor where they're trying to build a high-speed train from Washington DC up to Boston the estimated cost in this region is three hundred and twenty million dollars per mile that is insane that's a ton of money the ATC in this same region we think we can do it for 10 million dollars per mile in rural regions we think we can do it for five million dollars per mile this is about one thirtieth of the cost of a high-speed train other challenges the track paths and routes and timings of these trains are inflexible once they start they have to keep going and once they stop everything stops what am I talking about I'm showing the train on the left from the ATC on the right when my locomotive or my engine stops with my train every single one of my cars behind it is gonna have to stop that's what happens at every station they have to unload it they have to take it off they have to detach whatever with the ATC nothing has to stop any one of these trucks could pull off the ATC wherever it needed to go detach and wait and the rest of them could just keep going could speed up and fill the gap in between so this is kind of like the next generation train so since trucks are autonomous on this roadway they'll be able to drive very very close together or platoon they can draft off one another and maybe drive up to speeds of a hundred hundred plus miles per hour these trucks can also be designed to carry a lot more load maybe double stacking almost twice the load of what we've seen before and if there was an issue on the road the vehicle could be guided around it to continue not like a train where if something happens you're in big trouble you've got to get people out there immediately to fix that with the ATC the trucks could pull around this so we'll truck drivers still have jobs of course they will after these trucks pull off the ATC they can wait and once a person comes and gets in the vehicle they can make the local deliveries this allows truck drivers to sleep at home and work much more regular hours so won't there be some technology out there that'll just make all this obsolete well the simple way to answer this question is do you have a cell phone do you have a computer do you own a car well why why would you own any of these things because I guarantee you tomorrow there will be a new technology that will come along and make something you own today obsolete that you've made a decision that this technology is important enough to you to start to implement it in your life the ATC is going to be designed to integrate as many new technologies as possible the freight trucks lend themselves though to special focused solutions and ladies in general we've got to start we've got to start or nothing will ever change so why don't we just spend more money fixing our roads I'd ask you back if we're gonna fix our roads why don't we build it in a smart way let's also make it pay for itself let's make it more efficient as well let's work smarter not harder so where should it be located it's gonna be much easier to team up the ATC with existing highways they already have ride aways that in a lot of times are already designed for expansion so if you have two highways like this this right away this area in between that's a perfect place for the ATC to go it could look something like this but not every corridor would look like this we could also have the cars in the middle and the ATC outside or perhaps we have a whole separate corridor just for the ATC any of these are possible and all of these provide huge benefits over what we're doing right now when you get to a major city this can become a stumbling block the best thing to do is to go around the city it's much less expensive to go around the city and send a single corridor in now you're telling me with all of the highways going into a city you can't find one that would accommodate the ATC I bet you can and will use that one to get all of our goods in and out of that city how much is it going to cost we think it's going to cost about double what a typical current roadway section would cost however if we charge 25 cents per mile per truck and that number may change it would quickly pay for itself also in horrible emergencies where you have to get a lot of people out of the city quickly like Houston summer 2005 during Hurricane Katrina people were deadlocked and they couldn't leave the city the ATC would be perfect for this you could load people up on trucks get them out of the city as fast as possible and once it's safe you bring back supplies equipment rescue workers and you quickly bring that city back to service we can improve our data infrastructure we're going to need massive data lines to run these autonomous trucks why not use this high-speed Internet to help out with other utilities to take advantage of it to increase their speeds to bring high-speed Internet to the entire country also we could sell this usage to help further maintain and fund the ATC our military has to move parts vehicles and people from base to base this would be a huge benefit this would help them to much more rapidly move whatever they needed to throughout this country so in summary the ATC promises many direct indirect benefits to our roadways our trucking industry our response to emergencies our government logistics and our budgets I know it's gonna be a long journey and I know it's gonna change along the way but I'm never gonna get there by myself and that's why I need a team and I need a team and I need you on it so how can you help give this video a thumbs up share the video with other people that is the one thing the most important thing find some people that you know that can make a difference and send this video to them start a discussion in the comments tell me what you like tell me what you think needs more work I don't care what happens I just want to see this come to fruition and you can email me and help the atc at thank you so much for watching bye [Music] [Music]