How can you overlook Jose Aldo


Chael Sonnen


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also on that card is Josie although this is going to set up narratives and talking points and drama and storylines for the division for 2019 he's got a very hard fight and there is talk that Josie Aldo is another one of those guys whose best days are behind him I am also very confused where that came from Josie all there used to be the number one ranked fighter in the world pound for pound Josie although right now is a top ten fighter in the world pound for pound you cannot objectively tell me with any level of sensor sophistication or understanding of the sport nine guys alive that do it at a high level with the skills of Jose Al you just can't do it and there seems to be a talking point that Josie Aldo has slipped the evidence for that is that he used to be champion and now he's ranked number three I will tell you of number three he's only lost to one of those guys and I didn't see him with a fight problem I saw em with a max Holloway problem the same problem that every other featherweight in the world has and a lot of light weights have in truth Jose Ayala ran into a skill set a guy with a longer reach who had more output that was willing to play the same game he was it didn't turn into a battle of ok I'm the better striker now can you take me down turned out Jose Aldo had great takedown defense so then it took somebody to play Josie's game but to play it with a little bit more reach and with a little bit more volume that's the problem that he ran into and do make believe anything else now you have to understand this because it's very compelling for the storylines if Josie Aldo wins I do not suggest for you that he is going to fight max for a world title but I will offer for you if he loses his opponent will so I think this is a very interesting fight they could go off-script very easily and if you are of the mindset that you need some parity and you need some newness and some freshness in that division and in the title picture to give Jose a that fight and particularly to give it to him in Brazil you could throw things off and you gonna be able to plan ahead until this one's done you digest it for a couple of days and then you go back to matchmaking midweek but it's a very interesting fight the skills and the experience versus the power and the youth we've seen this story a million times but the story's fantastic and that's why we continue to watch