How small businesses can survive the coronavirus pandemic

well the financial impact of the coronavirus has definitely impacted small businesses around town leaving many to wonder how their business will survive to help us navigate the waters and offer tips on how to adjust your business plan Brad sugars is joining us now we talked about it's such a trying time we keep hearing unchartered waters what's going on how can we help our businesses it is a tough time yeah and there's a lot of change and about half of the businesses out there are going way up and about half of the businesses are going way down so we've got to be somewhere in the middle so you know first thing they got to do is communicate communicate with your staff your customers your prospects you've got to be communicating twice as much now as you ever did and that is so important to be honest correct transparency now more than ever is so open up front businesses as clear as you possibly can be I think that you've still got to stay positive you know you know that the reality of it is is that we don't know if there's gonna be two weeks two months whatever but you've got to stay upbeat and especially if you're the boss if you're the boss and you're not positive then you can't expect your people you've got to lead them through this thing and make sure I think that we got to understand that for every up there's a down for every down there's an up you know stock markets bounce back the year after they go down and yes we're having a downturn right now for some businesses but there will be an uptick on the on the back end of that and same as a farm goes through fall and plows the fields under they got to get through winter and that's basically a lot of businesses it's going to be winter for a little while and I think it's so tough because when we're hearing again cafee knows on the Las Vegas Strip clothing that we keep hearing and it song that incident you know the change that we're going through is unprecedented I think that we've got to understand that changes the new norm right now and we are changing you must change you've got to change your marketing message you've got to change everything about the business right now pivot turn I have nine different companies and every one of them we're planning what can we do different how can we get customers today what can we do these are some of the things that are very important for us all credit is the next one you've got to go and get more credit sorry 900 if that is that happening are right now you can still get credit you know I mean I skipped cut back because he mentioned the casinos and such hard one to say but you're gonna have to cut that cost in some cases you're gonna have to rotate your staffing and you know I know for us we've got some stuff and coming in early mornings and some work and late nights and some working from home and all of these different aspects of it is the thing but the banks are still getting credit if you can get a new credit card to get you through this if you can extend your line of credit to get through this time do that and do it now and I noticed that a lot of the credit companies I was popping up my app and they have a message if you're going through this give us a call we'll work with you yeah yeah it's definitely gonna have to happen I mean mortgages and rents and things it's gonna be challenge right now I mean that that's going to be a big a big part of what we're looking for um what else do we have I think that we've got a plan they're working from home we've got a plan that staffing you know and that's the technology shift we've got to look at the live reason I see so many restaurants now doing home to live reason you know one of my businesses Monte smokehouse it's a it's a mobile mobile food where food trucks and there's no festivals going on so we've had to go to different methodologies and different ways of doing things just to survive through this period and a lot of restaurants are working with companies and more you know do those online deliveries and just to stay open hello I think that the the next one you've got to look at your marketing the message has to shift you know you can't be on marketing the st. what you market it last week is gonna be different to this week it can't be but you got to still do it you've got to still be going out there you know there's spite the strip closure what it means is every other restaurant in town now doesn't have all of that competition every other restaurant in town now has a lot less competition so you've got to keep trying to get those customers that used to go to those other restaurants to come to you and by doing that we'll talk a little bit about that during the 10:00 a.m. how we can help as a community help our smaller businesses and our restaurant gift cards that's a great one we'll talk about that during the 10:00 a.m. and then real quick what else do we have on your life they focus on your existing customers repeat business getting to your existing customers called them don't just send emails actually get on the phone call them up do business with them be that be that person and out of my 11 things I threw at a number 12 which is over deliver right now you know over deliver on customer service be compassionate to your customers use a lot of common sense I mean the so right now you've got to change though and don't wait until you it's too late change early change fast yeah and where can we get more information they can jump on action coach calm I got a Cove at nineteen up the top Bay you just jump on anything I can do to help and grow my website Brad sugars calm we're getting our education out there I'm doing webinars every day to help people because that's so fluid it changes it's ever-changing you're sticking around during our 10:00 a.m. again we'll talk about how we as our community how was consumers we can help our small businesses not just the restaurants but other small businesses and also we can touch a little bit about the Small Business Administration's yesterday is doing all they can you can jump on the and I know it's crashing because there's a lot of people trying to apply right now but it'll get that okay we'll talk about that during our eighty and 10:00 a.m. show thank you so much for stopping by and wealth of knowledge