How strong is Oobleck

hey guys backyard scientist here and I'm marker over today we're going to be doing a bunch of Oobleck experiments and that's just a mixture of cornstarch and water which is called a non-newtonian fluid just basically a substance that depending on the strain rate it's either a solid or a liquid so we're gonna find out exactly how tough this stuff is we can resist a punch but can't resist a bullet what about a chainsaw so for a first-look experiment we're going to cut it with a chainsaw blade and here's what I think will happen if the Oobleck behaves like a solid it will get caught in the chainsaw blade and goes that way and if it acts like a liquid it will just fall straight down like it's not even respected by the chainsaw blend I made it in there because I missed last time let's check the high-speed okay there boom Oh like it's like shooting out of the bottom oh there goes the balloon oh it's moving it's like dragging it along the chain it's shooting it forward oh and then I hit this part too alright let's compare that to a water balloon Marc grabbed the chain saw and went to action and you can see that the water did not catch on the chain saw in fact it just fell right through the chain saw blade like it wasn't even there for our next test we're gonna shoot a balloon filled with Oobleck with a BB gun to see what a sharp vast concentrated force does to do Blake 3 first we're shooting the Oobleck balloon and then we're comparing it to a plain old water balloon now do you think that either one of these will be more bulletproof than the other this is the yulik balloon and if you look behind it the BB actually made it through you can see it coming out the back right now that's pretty surprising I thought the Oobleck would definitely stop it now it's time for the water balloon and it looks like the VB got caught but if you look over to the side you can see it falling down and hitting the table right there then a kitchen washed away by the tidal wave and it looks pretty cool so I tried this again also I did another water balloon but with aluminum powder cuz I thought it would make a cool color on camera and you can see the BB flew right through that too and ended up with a pretty ugly color anyway okay so we saw how that look would react to a small high-velocity projectile it concentrates a lot of force in a small area now we're going to see how the public reacts to a large one Deportes for my golf ball cannon mark can you turn this off nope ready for the boom ducky nothing you gotta wear them on your ears and three two one I don't even know where the golf ball went so here it comes out of the gun oh my gosh definitely acted like a solid yeah yeah for sure that isn't cuz it's like chunks yeah I just shattered it did the first couple seconds of impact are like it looks like something out of Star Wars there's yeah some special just like like the outside shooting the other side like that first shot it's like yeah been like that yeah looks like little Lightning spindles it's almost a pattern like it's from the golf balls dimple stuff oh yeah about that we're right that is one of the craziest things I've ever seen alright now it's time for the water balloon this propane cannon can shoot a golf followed over 300 feet per second which gives it the same impact energy as a 38 special and while I've got this propane rifle and a high-speed camera we might as well see what happens when I shoot it at a watermelon I think it's safe to say that this watermelon didn't stand a chance that golf ball went right through it like a golf ball through a watermelon and this isn't an advertisement for fresca but I mean if you guys wanna send me something that's okay too luckily none of this watermelon went to waste you want some watermelon in this is a look balloon I put a firecracker on the inside of it so we'll get to see the explosion from inside out and see what happens will it contain the explosion or will it just burst right through like nothing was even there let's find out three two one you can see the force of that explosion transfer right into the table and the whole thing made of solid wood starts wobbling and then it's phrases Oobleck everywhere I'm covered completely covered everything is covered in Oobleck so while we were out here filming the Oobleck videos we also filmed some videos for Mark's channel so he had to turn aids one fell in the pool and one sit on the pool deck one of us jumped in the pool and one of us stayed on land if you want to see who survived in his video and the science as to why they survived so click this here and check the link out in the video description it'll take you to the video and check out his channel while you're at it he's got a bunch of really cool ideas and science explanations so we'll see there [Music] alright guys thanks again for watching this video don't forget to check out mark's video to see me get blown up with a grenade and again thank you to Nathan at aimed research comm for providing an affordable high-speed camera rental service check that out too see you guys bye