How to Ask a Girl Out 3 Tips to Make Her Say Yes

what's going on man it's david here and in this video i'm gonna show you the most effective way to ask a girl out to give yourself the best chance of success and I'm even gonna share my secret line for handling rejection like a boss so even if things don't go according to plan it does not get awkward let's begin alright so the approach I'm going to share with you in this video it's gonna work regardless whether you're trying to ask out a random girl you just met on the street or whether you're trying to ask out a girl who you've known for a while like a co-worker or something like that anyway to keep this video fun and engaging I'm actually gonna demonstrate these things for you I'm gonna random girls in the streets here in Boston as I give you the tips so let's head downtown and make it happen [Music] it is human as buck today in Boston so if I got a little sweat glistened on my forehead please forgive me anyway we're getting close to downtown the first tip that I have for you is to always state your intentions when you're asking your aloud what I mean by this is to make it clear that you're asking her out on a romantic date you're not just trying to hang out with her as friends and yes I know this is gonna increase your rate of rejection and it's gonna make it more intimidating to ask her out but think about it this way imagine you don't do this and she says yes and then all of a sudden you're on a date with her or at least you think you're on a date with her but she just thinks you guys are out at dinner together being friends you don't want to be in that situation that [ __ ] sucks and that's how you fall into the friend zone so the easiest way to avoid this is just to tell her that you think she's cute when you ask her out and that's what I'm gonna demonstrate for you right now on a random girl here in Boston wish me luck there's a Starbucks somewhere I probably thought you're the kid I 50 Rumble would you wanna hang out sometime am I actually my boyfriend sorry it's all good take it as a compliment thank you all right so as you can see I got rejected there she said she had a boyfriend but you know it was obvious to her why I wanted to hang out so at least now I know that she's not down to hang out with me anyway I'm gonna relocate now I give you tip number two all right the second tip I have for you is to be direct when you ask the girl out you want to ask her straight up do you want to hang out sometime or even be more specific than that and say do you want to grab drinks sometime or something like that because when you do this then you know you guys are on the same page and that she has the full intention of meeting up with you and then from that point it's just a matter of scheduling it and figuring out the logistics the mistake most guys make here is that they ask the girl are you free tonight or what are you doing this weekend and they sort of beat around the bush for how this than just asking that go straight up and when you do this it's almost like you're hoping that the girl's gonna ask you out there's some poster like that but that's just not gonna happen bro so you can see that in the first demonstration I already asked the girls straight up but I'm gonna demonstrate that for you again I'm gonna be a little bit more specific this time just to give you guys another look let's go do it excuse me you know there's a Starbucks somewhere down around the street I'll be honest really you better go make some time I'd love to talk for my feet got a ruckus um thank you thank I was a compliment yeah thank you have a good day all right there's another rejection for you guys and pardon the shaky camerawork my cameraman okay my girlfriend got a little scared for a second so while I've been rejected both these times I want you guys to keep in mind that I'm asking girls out within seconds of meeting them on the street and the success rate is always gonna be very low with this but these exact same tactics are extremely effective if you use them in a more social familiar setting for example a girl you see at the gym all the time or a girl who works in your office or goalie you shoot at the coffee shop all the time I can tell you from my personal experience the when you chat grows up in these settings and then you just throw it in there hey I think you're cute you wanna hang out sometime it works at a very high percentage of the time I'm starving I'm gonna grab some food then I'll give you the final tip sweet dream all right I feel satisfied I had a big healthy bowl of chicken and stuff the final tip I have for you is to embrace rejection think about it like this you're never going to regret asking girl out and getting rejected because at least now you know that she's not into you but you are gonna regret it if you don't ask her out you're gonna be yourself up about it you're gonna be wondering you know what if what if I just manned up and asked her out but anyway the easiest way to prepare yourself to handle rejection is to use that line that I've been using throughout this video if you do get rejected just be like hey that's alright just take it as a compliment because now she's not gonna think you're butthurt she's not gonna feel bad for you and in the future if you run into her again you can still chat her up casually and it's not gonna be awkward at all anyway in the spirit of living up to this advice I'm gonna face rejection one more time for you guys let's go find another cutie to Holland excuse me question you know closes star want something round here use that value really do I should think anything else I work here we're um like a southern suburb of Boston yes I was gonna go yeah closet I feel like it's a million different suburbs around here I'm from south of Boston but like my house joy so I'm being awkward I gotta run but what do anything as with that maybe I'm living the Texas like we're in Texas Austin I've been like between there and San Diego I work from home so it's like the media phone number we'll see if we can make it happen boom we finally got one and I don't know if you guys could pick up on it through the video and audio but I was actually super awkward during that entire interaction but she still said she was Dan down to hang out she still gave me your phone number and I think there's an important lesson there that just have to face rejection you don't have to be perfect you don't have to be super confident if you just face rejection sometimes that alone is enough anyway those are three tips you can use to ask your lab and give yourself the best possible chance of success and right now if you're a guy who struggles to face rejection then good news I actually have a free course you can enroll in by clicking the I in the top right corner or the link in the description and that's gonna teach you my 30-day system for destroying your fears and just building true confidence in yourself if you enjoyed this video and you like my channel make sure you subscribe because I actually released a brand new video every Monday and every Thursday otherwise give this video a thumbs up I'll talk to you in the next video I better talk to you the next video I'm gonna be mad bro stay basically [Music]