How to Edit Music Videos Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

films today's videos on how I edit my music videos now today's gonna be a little bit of a long video but it'll be very informative those stick around to see the end give you a heads up but what we're going over we're gonna go over how I line up my clip how I label them how I add b-roll and then also how I cut it down to the beat of course not in that order because I said it all backwards so it is what it is so let's get started guys okay now that we're in computer when I first do is I go through all the footage and label each performance which performance they are so performance one two three and four just so I know to separate my b-roll and performances so after we rename all the clips which all you I do is right click and then go to rename right here and then that's just how you name them so now that we got the audio in the timeline we're gonna perform its one listen to it well first let's go to the timeline listen to the audio we're gonna use our in the are IP and that's what we're going to line the clip with so let me go back make sure it's precise so scrub through alright now we're just gonna add a marker on the audio as you can see is right here at the bottom so now we're gonna go to this go to the footage right here scrub through now we're listening for that are there we go now we're gonna line it up so now you're a-lying your audio but they're just if you mother brother I know you I perfect got it shrink it I see we got along in so that's just useless right there shrink it back now performance to listen to this [Music] alright well apparently I was talking to minute time so we're just like I hear in the background let's see if I got this right there we go got that now performance 3 let's scrub through it sorry about my computer running slow this recorder slowing it down [Music] alright scrub back here that are there we go place it on the timeline play it make sure it's correct straight the use of what I think you might ya got that now performance for alright go back a little bit there we go [Music] as you Cal my composition is way off right here tight spots alright see right here we got it correct there we go okay now as you can see in the beginning this is I always use that for intro b-roll and then you get outro b-roll and then throughout it you know you place b-roll where it needs to be so we're gonna get down to cutting it so play it before where you did that cutting hit C on your keyboard for cut let me cut this out all I need is just wine I'm turning these off so my computer don't run slow so what we're gonna do is we're gonna cut to the beat so what I like to do is I like to drag this out so I can really see the audio really well so right here cut dragged a little bit more over my little brother I know that right here boom boom now you can cut to whatever beat you want the top hats you know you got to rebirth reverb if you want but it's all just your decision on how the flow of the beat goes the most important part is just go with the flow a haircut a haircut and then cut and you're just gonna do this all the way through and then pick out what scenes you want so I go starting out with this e money get rid of that this also this clips going to need warp stabilizations but there we go cut back then I'm just doing this random this is just an example normally I normally go through it all very carefully but just so this video is not too long and boring we're just gonna do a quick compositions off on that clip so maybe I'll bring this back please right now it's playing slow with the reason there we go well you get the gist of it that's it I mean I'll edit through the whole thing cut cut cut cut cut all the way through and then after I do that I pick each part of it so you know take out a clip add clip take out a clip all that once you do all that then comes the b-roll so first thing I would do any time edit is I'm going to do the intro first because I have a separate shot mapped out for that so let's see if we can find the full wheeler shot go here play it see what we got okay you see that right now it's playing at the full frame rate we want to slow it down I shot it at 120 frames per second so let me show you how to slow it down the correct way instead of going through your timeline going to speed duration everything you might get some skip frames so go to your actual clip right click then go to modify interpret footage and then assume this frame rate 24 frames and then hit OK and slow down and you get that smoothness so as you can see right here slow so figure out what SH I don't want to use too far too far like no clothes there we go so just use this just for the sake of it and then BOOM place it in here go to the clip and then go right click it and then scale to frame size cuz we're on a 4k timeline this is 1080 phone and you got your biro so I'm going to do one more example throw some beer on the beginning of the verse so I'm just gonna put something random let's see so I'm gonna go to this now we're gonna go to modify interpret footage assume this frame rate 24 frames per second okay now check this out let me scrub through so right here I want to use it as he's coming out and you hear me talking directing them jb looking fresh okay we're gonna put that in the front as you can see this is a huge clip so definitely shorten it down so we're gonna scale at the frame size first you don't mind the brunt so maybe put it like right here so you hear it on that beat right here this is why I like cutting it through so I know where all the cuts are their own beat so boom right there we're gonna cut that let's shrink it a little bit because I mean what I'm going to do is I'm going to speed it up I do a little speed ramp okay speed duration now this is the only time I use speed duration in the timeline is to speed things up so it's a 400% I see how that looks a little bit faster let's say 600 that looks good now I'm going off-topic a little bit ahead an effect so I'm gonna put additive just off so we get that flash look you know not so boring of a transition from the b-roll to performance let's see you're right here make it quick there we go just something simple there Inc that back and try it again that's playing slow in real playback I promise it would look better it's active really slow right now so that's about it and then you just chop it up like I said pick out the scenes you want and then just add b-roll throughout it then color grade well actually before color great at HD bars and then color grade color grades always the last step because I mean that will take you know some processing power on your computer and you don't slow it down so you want to color great last but sometimes I like the color great first before I even chop up clips just to get the exposure right if I didn't do it right in camera but I recommend always getting the exposure right in camera you want to do everything in camera as best as possible because don't be that guy that says I'll do it in post no it never really works out as great as it would if you did it when you were shooting so that's it now we're gonna go to export so ctrl M or command M on Mac then go preset I'll hit 4k YouTube export which is you know 3840 by 2160 and then I have it rendered at maximum death depth my bad and a to past and then the bitrate would be 40 and that will give you crispy footage for YouTube and you'd be good to go I just want to thank everyone for watching this video if you enjoyed it don't forget to Like share and subscribe you know - do you know it's same old thing you want to see more of this content comment what you want to see next I'd really appreciate it you'll have a great day and keep creating [Music]