How to Get Cody Ko to Wish You a Happy Birthday


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again our Megan Alexander is being inundated by celebrity birthday greetings hey Megan Alexander its Lance Bass here to say happy birthday to you here's another one from president Trump's ex Marla maples Megan hi Anne happy birthday former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is also sending well wishes enjoy your day and happy birthday beautiful how does Megan know these folks turns out she does it those birthday messages were actually paid for a new online service called cameo offer celebrity shout outs it's Caitlyn Jenner here Caitlyn Jenner sets her rate the highest at $2,500 per greeted this roses for you happy birthday the bachelorettes Chris Harrison five hundred and twenty five dollars I also hear you're quite the ladies man stormy Daniel sells her recorded messages for 250 bucks it's not just birthday greetings American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman was paid to do a gender reveal Isaac it's Matt Iseman you're about to become the father to a beautiful baby girl Steven Gowanus founded the company we have over 10,000 talent to choose from going from athletes entertainers and rappers and models now anyone can have a friend in Hollywood it's big Snoop Dogg I'm gonna send a shout out to your son I already bought to have his bar mitzvah you d enjoy yourself man have a great time you [Music]