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Hi naturals, I'm Gabby from where you can become fluent and confident in English Today we're talking about a method that I've personally used since 2002 to improve my own fluency in other languages you guys know that I love Learning languages almost as much as I love teaching English now just as much as I love it I love it all. So anyway, I've never made a video about this method that I came up with For myself and that I use inside my complete English course fluent communication so I thought it's a great time to show you the recording method that I use I Also use the recording method in my five day English fluency challenge Which is reopening soon. So check the description for a link to sign up The fluency challenge is free and it's a great experience for you to try out the recording method So anyway today I'm gonna show you how I use the recording method step by step You're gonna see how I use it with other languages and how you can apply it to English in a couple of different ways this method may seem really obvious to some of you but I think a lot of people are going to find it innovative and new so Whichever end of that opinion spectrum you fall on well I hope that this is helpful for you. Anyway, so you should use the recording method if You would like to practice English more? But maybe you don't have a lot of people to practice with you should use the recording method if you would like to have a challenge to improve your English skills to the advanced and fluent level because it is You should use the recording method if you would like to increase your confidence because what's really cool about the recording method is that you are actually self-correcting and when you self correct when you help Yourself to improve your English you realize how smart you actually are You didn't even realize how much you know, let me explain Let me quickly tell you how the recording method works or how I've used it and then I will show you with an example okay, first of all, you need to have Material or a topic? I'm going to show you how I do the recording method with material and then with a topic so you need to have Somewhere to begin something that you're going to say or talk about the first way is to choose material that you are going to repeat or Copy this is like the imitation method or the shadowing method which I've talked about before but this time we're actually going to take it a step further and Record yourself when you just copy Repeats imitate shadow, whatever you want to call it You are missing out because when you record yourself and you listen to yourself It's a whole nother Exercise completely different when you record yourself. You're going to feel some good stress there's bad stress and there's good stress bad stress is like when your water pipes break and Everything in your apartment gets wet and you have to call the plumber. That's bad stress good stress is when you have a Challenging exercise to do maybe a deadline for a paper. It might feel a little Stressful a little bad, but it's actually good for you Another example of good stress would be training for a marathon So you might feel a little stressed out about all the training you have to do, but it's actually good for you So recording yourself can actually feel a little stressful Definitely awkward, but it's good for you. Trust me and when you record yourself then obviously you're going to Listen to yourself, right and listening to yourself is when the magic Happens it's also where the awkwardness happens because the first time that you listen to yourself on a recording Well, most everyone feels like oh That was so awkward. I don't know who that was talking But it couldn't have been me but it's normal to feel this way. Anyway, I'll show you how I do it I have already done the recording method a lot. I've already done exercises many many times Recently, I haven't had a lot of free time to use it, but this is a great opportunity So back to the steps first you choose whether you're going to repeat some Material or whether you're going to do kind of free talking about a topic maybe Introducing yourself because that's a very common Skill that we need to have in English and then you're going to grab a device. Maybe your smartphone. Maybe your laptop maybe Something else that you can record audio with it doesn't matter what it is as long as you can record video You don't have to go out and buy any new equipment. I'm pretty sure that you have Something that you could record yourself speaking with and if you really don't pretty sure one of your friends does so this is a free Activity for you to improve your English fluency. So then you record yourself great done It's key here that you don't keep stopping and starting over if you make a mistake Mid way just keep recording. This is not a test. No one is going to listen to it or judge it except for you Unless of course you decide to share it with your teacher tutor colleagues friends classmates and whatnot Okay, so you recorded great Then you're going to listen to your recording then when you listen to yourself You're going to really focus on a few key points primarily Anunciacion and related to that your fluency. Are you hesitating a lot? Are you able to speak as quickly as the speakers that you are imitating or? Fluent native speakers that you would like to speak like are there any grammar mistakes? Do you sounds like you want to sound basically? that's the gist of this exercise is for you to notice your own mistakes or points for Improvements because maybe you're not really making any huge mistakes But you will notice Where you could improve this could even help you if you are a native English speaker, and you're preparing for a presentation Before I did my TEDx talk I recorded myself practicing delivering my TEDx talk Several times and I watched it several times and took notes on how I could improve my delivery. So if you have an important Presentation a speech or even a really important interview It's a great idea to record yourself and then take notes on how you could improve So that's basically it I just have a couple of bonus points if you want to take this exercise a little bit further It's a great idea to keep Your recordings so that in a few months from now in a couple years from now you could look back and see How much you have improved and so that's a benefit of being part of my complete English course fluent communication because we have your old videos in our forum on our site that you can always go back and compare with when you started the course and when you're midway through the course when you finish the course and for years to come so It's really fun to see how far you've come and to celebrate that so now let's see how I do it I want to show you my own example, as you know, I'm a native English speaker So I'm not gonna practice English, but I'm going to practice a language that I'm really working hard on now Which is Portuguese because I'm living in Brazil. So Portuguese is very helpful. So Let's go. Let's try it out come along with me and I'll show you how I use my own recording method Okay, let me show you how I use the recording method by repeating other material. I've pulled up a Comedy show from Brazil that's on YouTube called port to the spool and those if you're Brazilian, hey You might know this you can tell me in the comments if you watch ports of those windows and I'm just going to play about five seconds because that's just enough for you to see how I do it and I've also put the subtitles on in Portuguese because it was kind of hard for me to just listen and To understand all the words so you could do this with material in English as well. Okay, so let's try it out. Let's go Okay Shaanxi was this beauty Pizarro. Hello. Hello Lionel congresso I'm going to record that now that I have memorized my line I don't want to read you could record yourself reading but I think that if you can memorize a line and Just say it on your own you're going to actually get a more realistic Listen of your own speaking abilities. So I actually have my recorder that I use for making videos So I'm going to use that right now to record myself. Let's do it Here we go Jang Shifu says Veeru cabeza who help Hello Lana congresso. So you might be thinking well great But that was just one sentence. How am I ever going to become fluent in English? Well fluency comes from the small steps that you take every day What's great about recording yourself two in five second? One phrase intervals is that it doesn't take a long time. So even if you have a really busy day You can do this exercise. So now let's try it with something a little bit different because I don't always repeat after Existing content. So now I'm going to put my laptop away I'm just going to plan a self-introduction Okay, so in my self introduction I kept it really simple this time just to show you an example and one thing that I like To do in self introductions is to think of a question that I might ask the other person Okay, so I just made some notes. I didn't write down every single word that I'm going to say I just stop for a few seconds about how I'd like my introduction to be What information I'd like to include but I didn't write every single Word out like in sentences. So this is more Freestyle talking than reading. In fact, I'm not even gonna look at my notes now. Okay, let's record Hola. Mundo Mia Gaby. Oh, so Americana so profesora. Jinglei's yo moeraki. No Brazil versa, and oh he Okay, so I guess that that was pretty good Let me challenge myself a little bit because when you don't notice any room for improvement You should challenge yourself a little bit more So I'm going to talk about some things that I enjoy doing in Rio Janeiro And this time I'm not going to prepare before hands ashes. Americano Brazil yogic sheena Visit Oddo aqui yo v Vh e como turista mutas visas. Yo Fiza squeezes que, estoy listo, simplifies empress am profe winn open Gazoo Flip request a praia de panama y aguada también en agosto g propriety panama mais el ghosto mais de squeezes ggg-ghost g econ apply a coherent Aug Flamengo doflamingo EU gosto de Anda peles Adagio goes to G medieval cheer for Komui Tobin k10 tampoco. Can Shima's Durham NC o tempo muertoball McKee yo gosto de Estilo de vida que tenga que pasa bebe muito suku natural opa sukemasa Yoga sutra, comida, brasil era you got some with Louis GOG Vida kiddo heal Okay, so as I was recording myself, I found myself wanting to stop and start over several times the thing is mistakes are okay, and it's really important to Notice your mistakes and improve from them notice them so that you don't repeat them so if you do make a mistake when you're recording just notice it and Listen to yourself, maybe take a note of it where you have difficulty and where you could improve okay, let's listen to my recorded speaking practice and notes where I could improve I Feel like Besides the fact that I stuttered my arse And my vowel sounds are still pretty bad And that was just repeating what I had just heard if you're a Portuguese speaker Specifically a Brazilian Portuguese speaker, you could help me in the comments. Let's listen to what I recorded without Repeating just freestyle it was that she What was that I Stopped to think for a long time. So my fluency is not quite there a lot of hesitating Aki. Oh Wow, I had no idea that when I said, you know Like I I sounded like such a gringo or gringa whatever Foreigner. Okay. Let's keep listening here Number zero, it was action and And you see that I keep Busey okay, even the way that I am filling the Sentence with it. It's not Brazilian at all Okay, I do feel like I'm catching the Carioca accent the Rio de Janeiro accent the way that I said 2d stuff is Pretty Carioca. That's like very typical of Rio de Janeiro CSIS voices - what used to simplify for example if we know pound? Yeah poem is a very hard word I Still haven't gotten that quite right, but I think it's better than before when people didn't know if I was saying Pao or Pooh the difference between stick and bread Sweet neck when you sample. I have it by Miami. I gotta tell me I mean they're gonna - analyze it wash some ice. That's quiz is gngo gasa G I think I say GMG GMG, I don't think that's a phrase. I think I just caught a grammar mistake I think it's Jia Jia After I go ahead - would you something? Don't Fleming's you I had caught a grammar mistake as I was speaking So doable, not G or they yeah. Anyway, I caught it well, I was speaking so that was kind of cool goes to G and I'm bad. I must see behind you goes to G machine for we Bomb contain now. I feel like I'm speaking really slow like a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker would talk a lot faster. So that's something that I want to work on And she's nice Man, she okay. I use a lot of fillers like uh And I really want to improve my fluency to speak as quickly in Portuguese as I can in English And when went to Beaumont Keith, yeah Agosto GB that keeping a key a possible bandwidth the soup will not do now it was so come outside You got so much that we the Brazilian you got some with Louis jujube that Kido healed okay all in all I give myself like a 75 out of 100. I think that I'm doing pretty well, but I still have to work on my accent especially vowel sounds ours the way that I say you oh my gosh, it's embarrassing and I Have to work on my fluency. I'm hesitating a lot using a lot of fillers like, uh, And that's not gonna really make people want to talk with me more because it feels like I'm talking really slowly so I feel like people get impatient with me when I talk and when I speak in Portuguese and I don't want that to happen. So this was really eye-opening for me. I don't know about you But this was yeah, this is a great exercise if I do say so myself One thing that I forgot to say is that in my complete course fluent communication. We also use this recording method I'm really bad about telling you about my complete course because I don't want this to sound like a commercial But I do want you to know that I use this with the students who have signed up for my complete English course That's not free. But I want you to know that it exists. We have a community on my website Where you post your recorded speaking practice and you get feedback from other? students and from me and go natural English teachers, so it's a great way for you to be able to self-correct Get support and corrections from others including professional English teachers, so That is important for you to know Finally if you want to try this recording method, I want to give you an exercise that you could start with right away Here's just a sentence that you could try if you want something easy and quick to record Did you hear about the crazy thing that happened to the entrepreneur last month? So I chose this sentence because it has some difficult sounds it has some linking sounds like did you? Did you hear about the crazy thing has a th sound? Entrepreneurs it difficult and month can be a difficult word to and if you're looking for other materials that are a bit longer I would suggest using American TV miniseries or if there's maybe a YouTube channel that you like I would recommend friends for TV series and I'm a big fan of talk shows like Ellen or Oprah If you want something with a man speaking, there are men like, dr. Phil and Who else is a male talk show host? Oh, there's a game show called the family feud that could be fun to watch and you could repeat what Steve Harvey says He's the host on there. So there's so much material you could also practice Repeating the lyrics to songs that you like It's another thing that you could record so there is no shortage of material Just be creative and try this because it's a great exercise. You saw I was pretty shocked with my own recording and I think you will be too in a good way So now I want to challenge you to try the recording method on your own but wait There's even more there's a better way that you can use the recording method after you listen to yourself Share your recording with others with your friends who are learning English with your teacher if you have an English teacher and if you Don'ts or even if you do I want to invite you to join the go natural English five-day fluency challenge this is a way that you can share your English-speaking recording with our other group members who are supportive positive and who will help to motivate you to improve your English and I'm in the group and our go natural English teachers are there to to support you and motivate you and help you improve so this is an awesome chance for you to try out the recording method and get the support that you need along the way so check out the link in the description for you to join our Next English fluency challenge that is starting soon I cannot wait to do this because it's an awesome way for us to actually communicate more and Connect more with other awesome go natural English learners from all over the world So you're invited be there or be? Square thank you so much for watching. I hope that this was informative helpful Interesting. Tell me what you got in the comments. Let me know in the comments if you will Join our next go natural English five days of fluency challenge Thank you so much for watching if you're not subscribed yet to go natural English. Please click down there to subscribe Please click down there to get a free sample of the English fluency formula audio Ebook and you can click right over there to keep watching. Go natural English videos here on YouTube. Thank you. Thank you Thank you for watching I'll see you all next time. Bye for now